Alder Lucien Dumas

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This Character is dead and no longer in play.

Requiem PC

Player: Sam S.
ST: John Christman

Dumas sig.jpg

Character: The Good Alder Dumas, Notary and Au Pair
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Invictus
Invictus ●●●●
Daeva ●●●
Domain: Cincinnati ●●●●

The Traveling Scribe

The Alder's drafter signature on a manuscript on behalf of the Covenant, circa 1923.
The Good Alder has seen much, and traveled far. His face is not often recognized, but his simple and elegant signature often finds itself at the bottom of a great many documents of the First Estate, most notably oaths and affirmations of the covenant. More than once, his style and propriety has led the Alder to be held as notary speaking for the Estate on more than one occasion. It is well-known that the Good Notary is available at a short notice to perform oaths and thus strengthen the bonds of the covenant.

Much of The Alder's reputation is rumor rather than fact, but it is well known that his performance as an Au Pair is more than exceptional. Those who have sought his teaching are often well-rounded, adhere to precise minutiae and rarely--if ever-- commit a faux pas.

An Abridged History

Lucien Dumas was born in France in the summer of 1773, born to wealthy French barristers who worked for the French crown. Diving into law, Lucien aspired to be a historian. The American Revolution and subsequent political movements led him into service with the French Navy, where he served honorably as an Aspirant (Midshipman) aboard the Palmier before it was captures by the Spanish Navy in 1782. He was a POW in Spain for three years before his freedom was negotiated by the French Crown.

Lucien left the Navy and took up service as a royal steward in southern France. He had great plans to make a life for himself and leave the bloodshed behind him...but these plans, however, were dashed when an old friend of his father's named Ysabel Sauvatierre called in a debt and took Lucien far away, and one dark summer night began his Requiem.

Lucien was inducted into the First Estate to apprentice with a french Au Pair. He mastered calligraphy and consumed academic subjects with great vigor. His disdain for disorderly conduct was praised by his Sire's peers, and with little ado he claimed a Lordship within his first 30 years, not an unrespectable feat. A master Au pair now, he began to flourish on his own, investing heavily in growing businesses in the United States. In this world he became fascinated by mortal contracts, and the power of words that were bound to deeds. The First Estate, certainly, had this, but a far more powerful version which caught his eye.

He sought out a teacher in the West. A California Notary took the young Kindred under his watchful eye and gave him a pen, putting him into a respectable apprenticeship. Dumas' study of calligraphy and language were useful in this field, and it was not long--certainly, but a few more decades-- that he emerged as a Notary in his own right, released from his apprenticeship. He was sought for his skill in writing, being asked once or twice to draft documents for the Invictus, earning him respect among his peers.

Now finding himself as a fully-fledged and notable member of the First Estate in mid-20th century California, Dumas headed east slightly, taking up residence in a small section of barely-developed land which was to be a grand investment venture: Las Vegas, NV. A few strings pulled here and there while the city grew, and Dumas has a foot in the door to solidify the Invictus Inner circle in the city. He was granted the title of Baron and even the title of Alder, but no domain in the area. Dumas rationalized this as to say that his goals here had been met, and he left quietly in the 1990's.

Dumas traveled to the midwest, taking up residence in Cincinnati when political unrest was high. He watches with careful amusements at riots and changes in the city of Cincinnati, biding his time and waiting to reemerge and showcase his talents, no longer in the shadows.


  • It is rumored that The good Alder is a Spina.
  • The Alder's notarial ledger is rather expansive, and contains First Estate oaths from every inhabited continent.