Aleister Young

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Aleister Young

Notable Traits: Tall, always seen wearing a flatcap, ready to jump into the fray of any fight to protect what he holds dear

Titles: Prince of Bloomington, Indiana; Tremere Primogen of Indianapolis, Indiana

Tremere ONLY: Regent of the 1st Circle

Coteries/Societies: None currently known


Sire: Conrad Gunnarson (7th Gen)(NPC)

Childer: None known

Broodmates: None known

Rumors about Aleister

  • Aleister is not really a Tremere, rather he is a Brujah posing as a Tremere
  • Aleister is has been converted into a spy for the Giovanni, he has become very friendly with the local emissary
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Quotes about Aleister

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OOC Information

Player: Ryan <RJ> Walters

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Bloomington, IN
Player: Ryan <RJ> Walters
Storyteller: Josh Bewley