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Alejandro Antonio Aja, originally hailing from Mexico, is known as a gentleman of many passions, a student of history (both Kindred and kine), and a shrewd political operator. Indeed, all of these qualities enabled the elder Daeva to ascend the ranks of the Unconquered and become the right hand of the Albuquerque Praxis within a mere half-century. Presently, he is the process of reversing the failures of the previous governments and scouring the city of those who would disturb the peace with the other denizens of the Albuquerque. He is also known to be close friends with the Princes of Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas and is a frequent guest in both cities.

Requiem PC

Character: Alejandro Aja
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Malintzin
Covenant: Invictus
City: None
Player: Marshall Foster


Rasgos Notables

Like many Daeva, Don Alejandro tends to dress fashionably and eschews anachronistic mannerisms, preferring to be perceived as more modern and forward-thinking than one might expect from a Kindred of his advanced age. The scion of a proud Mixtec family, many find the look of his dark hair, eyes, and skin to be a rather striking combination.

Títulos y Cargos

Aja is the Primus of the Invictus of Albuquerque and, as a permanent member of the Inner Circle, holds the title of Marquis. He is often referred to as "Don Alejandro" as a title of respect (and an exception to Invictus traditions about the implied familiarity of first names).

Forms of Address:

  • Formal Tone: Alder Marquis

Aliados y Asociados

Baronness Beatriz Velasquez Vega, Head of The Vega Family, member of House Delayney Invictus Badge.png
Sir Rowan Ragnardottar, Viceroy of the SouthwestInvictus Badge.png
Alder Celeste Chevalier, Viceroy of the Great Lakes Invictus Badge.png
Claudia Runner, Acolyte of Los Angeles Circle of the Crone.png

Camaradas Muertos

Lady Erika Lange, Ventrue Priscus of Albuquerque Invictus Badge.png
Ser Lodewijk Van Tollenaar, Primus of Cochise County Invictus Badge.png
Alder Ragnar Soren, Patriarch of House Skold Invictus Badge.png
Meister White Spider, Judex of Portland Invictus Badge.png


  • Don Alejandro had an entire mortal family murdered by the police to flush out a fugitive mage.
  • Don Alejandro intends to become the next Emperor of the Night.
  • Don Alejandro is a prime mover of narcotics and/or human slaves into the United States.
  • Don Alejandro has developed a taste for the intoxicating blood of mages and lupines.
  • Don Alejandro was actually behind the death of Silas Prescott in an attempt to prevent the now-deceased Kindred from becoming a rival within the Albuquerque Invictus.
  • Don Alejandro is actually Sanctified.
  • Don Alejandro is too old to feed on mortal blood and subsists on the vitae of his vassal Invictus.
  • Don Alejandro despises Kindred politics and plots nightly to amass enough personal power to continue his Requiem in peace.
  • Don Alejandro is plotting to kill the entire Court of Albuquerque and seize the throne.
  • Don Alejandro is secretly an Acolyte of the Circle of the Crone.


  • "We will not support someone who would insult the First Estate in such a fashion, especially someone who should know better." -Don Alejandro
  • "I would submit that there is no cause to attack a Prince but to slay them." -Don Alejandro
  • "Your 'blight' is that of appearing as a failed political assassin. Hinckley is not accorded the same respect as Booth, Czolgosz or Oswald." -Don Alejandro
  • "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" -Don Alejandro
  • "...any group or individuals attempting to perpetuate hostilities against the Septemi will face swift justice."
  • "He thrives in the desert, an art I have yet to master. I am grateful for his presence." - Rowan Ragnardottar


  • Latin Playboys - Manifold de Amour
  • Lila Downs - Alcoba Azul
  • AFI - The Leaving Song part 2
  • Muse - Hysteria
  • Tito Larriva and Steven Hufsteter - Flor de Mal
  • Tool - Stinkfist

OOC Information

Player Name Marshall Foster

MES Number US2002021509

Location Albuquerque, NM