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Information Known by Camarilla Society

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: St. Louis, MO
Player: Josh W'raa Butler
Storyteller: Dennis Randant

Name: Alejandro Marcos (Retired) Clan: Toreador
Status: Elder
Acknowledged by Prince Villon of France
Confirmed, Established and Privileged as Elder
Noble as Seneschal

Alejandro Marcos
Lee Ann and Alejandro Marcos

Notable Traits: He still speaks with a spanish accent and moves with a nearly unnatural grace that only comes from several lifetimes worth of dancing.

Timeline (IS OOC ONLY)

1520: Born to Carlos and Marie Marcos in Madrid Spain
1540: Ghouled by Rene St. George in France
1550: Granted the Embrace by Rene St. George in France
1552: I met Vittoria Boeotarch and soon fell in love with her
1555: I married Vittoria Boeotarch in France
1560: Vittoria moved to Italy with the intention I was to follow
1560: I was told that Vittoria was dead by someone I trusted
1825: I spent time grieving, and forced myself to move forward again
1826: The Dance ensnares my soul like never before
1793: Former Queen of France, Marie Antoinette is executed by Guillotine
1795: Granted Acknowledgement and acceptance into the Camarilla
1797: The War of the First Coalition began
1799: I served as whip in my sire’s stead for half a year while she traveled
1801: The War of the Second Coalition began
1804: Napoleon Bonaparte is declared Emperor of France
1807: Many Kindred profit from the human battles
1814: Napoleon Bonaparte is replaced by Louis XVIII
1835: I spend a great deal of time learning all the ends and outs of Paris
1852: Napoleon III took power and began making life difficult for many, but issuing in a new age for Paris
1873: Napoleon III dies
1911: I met Leah Grace Lamb
1911: I escorted Leah Grace Lamb to meet with Francois Villon
1914: Obtained permission from Prince Francois Villon to grant the embrace to Leah
1915: Revealed my true existence to Leah
1915: Jack Lindsey became my ghoul
1915: I married Leah Grace Lamb (Leah Marcos)
1915: Granted the embrace to Leah Marcos
1915: Formally introduced Leah to Camarilla society before returning to Saint Louis
1917: James Andrew left for Germany for World War I and died at the end of December
1918: Adopted triplets - Esmeralda, Carlos and Andrew Jaensch. (Her brother James Andrew and his wife Esme are their parents)
1920: Speakeasy parties hosted by Alejandro and Lee Ann Marcos
1925: Vittora showed up in St. Louis with Meshack (Her sire)
1925: Prince Francois Villon privately granted a divorce to Vittoria and myself
1925: We moved from the Villa to Lafayette Square
1926: Leah and I opened Estudio de la Danza St. Louis and the Galerie d'Art de St. Louis in the Central West End
1926: We hire Maria, whom I quickly ghoul to ensure her loyalty
1936: Esmeralda, Carlos, and Andrew graduated from St. Louis Country Day School. We took a tour of Europe and Andrew and Carlos enrolled in The University of Paris. They also became Leah’s ghouls that summer
1936: Esme enrolled at Bryn Mawr. She became my ghoul that summer
1940: Esme graduated from Bryn Mawr
1940: On June 14, the German's took over Paris
1943: Leah granted the embrace to our son, Andrew Marcos
1944: On August 25, Paris was liberated by the allies
1945: We all returned home
1946: Leah granted the embrace to our other son, Carlos Marcos
1950: Leah granted the embrace to our daughter, Esmeralda Marcos
1970: Leah changed her name to Lee Ann Marcos
2012: The event known as ‘The Starving’ begins, Kindred begin dying
2012: I decide to enter torpor willingly to attempt to stave of the Starving. As I am preparing to go down to a well hidden place to rest, I am attacked at the dance studio. This Kindred is unknown to me, and though he put up a good fight, I overcame him, and turned him to ash. I quickly retreat into our tunnels and lock myself in a small hidden compartment. I contemplate that I have not had time to advise Leah of my attempts, but I feel my time running out otherwise
2014: I awaken. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my wedding band must have slipped off during the fight. I must pray that Leah has escaped this strange plague and is still safe and sound
2014: I learn that whomever the attacker had been, he had killed Maria, and Jack is no where to be found. I do not wish to assume the worst, but it is possible he is dead as well. I will prepare myself to leave for the first time and seek out the survivors of this damnable sickness. I must find my wife, my love, above all else
2014: Lee Ann perished when the plane she was on exploded. I shall not retreat into the dance. I must care for my family.






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Lies, Lies and More Lies and Rumors

Quotes About Alejandro

  • "I am yours. You are mine. Let us share the joys and the sorrows. We are word and meaning, united. You are thought and I am sound. From now until the end of time I am yours. You are mine. I am yours." Wedding Vows with Lee Ann Marcos
  • "I must say that to dance with Alejandro is to dance with a god. His intensity. His vibrancy. His passion. It is all there. It is infectious and you cannot help but feel you have been blessed when it happens." When Vittoria Boeotarch first danced with Alejandro in France.
  • "Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends." Vittoria Boeotarch

Quotes From Alejandro

  • "Perhaps we should not spend time with blame, for it is a sad and ugly emotion. Instead, we hold between us the light of hope and happiness, and the joy of a family together again." to Lee Ann Marcos
  • "No, we are kindred. I never underestimate our capacity for secrets." to Andrew Marcos
  • "We are not monsters unless we allow ourselves to become such. Certainly we have needs and wants, just as we did when we were still mortal. Those needs and wants may change, but that alone does not make us monsters."

OOC Information

This character has been retired
This character is an PC. All OOC questions about this PC and IC correspondence directed to the PC should be directed to Josh W'raa Butler.


Antonio Banderas



The Waltons
The Brady Bunch
The Last Dance
Original Sin
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Dirty Dancing

Member Information
Player: Joshua W'raa Butler
Member Number: US2013100148
MC: 3
Nation: United States
Region: Great Lakes
Domain: MO-028-D
Coordinator: Dennis Randant
Storyteller: Mitchell Mayberry