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Tribe storm lords.png
Lodge storm lords lodge of salvation.png
Name: Alejandro Quintera
Deed Name: War Tamer
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: Lodge of Salvation
Pack: Hunter's Strike
Territory: Vieques, PR


Cunning: 1
Glory: 0
Honor: 3
Purity: 2
Wisdom: 0


Alejandro is a somewhat fair-skinned Puerto Rican man with dark brown curly hair to his shoulders, and a hard glint in his brown eyes. He dresses in finely tailored Italian suits with beautiful but understated jewelry.


An urbane and sophisticated businessman, Alejandro is a smooth-talker and a natural salesman. He can negotiate nearly anything with his silver tongue, and the things he cannot negotiate, he will obtain by force of personality or subtle intimidation.

Known Information

  • He is the CEO of Soluciones Precipicio, a Puerto Rican Finance Corporation, and appears to be galactically wealthy.
  • Formerly a bit of a playboy, Alejandro is now dating a British Expat named Annabel Blair. The two announced their engagement in March and have yet to announce a date for their wedding. They are also believed to have had a baby around the same time ...
  • Alejandro has, on several occasions, been charged with crimes ranging from Fraud to Racketeering. He has never been convicted, but the stain of his time in court has stuck with him. (Notoriety Flaw)




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  • He is not just dirty, he's a crime boss of great power in Puerto Rico.
  • He and Hector Arroyo Rivera find themselves at odds everywhere they go.
  • He has ties to the Pure tighter than most Uratha would be comfortable with.
  • He is nothing but a pawn for Dominic Powers, who is the real brain behind Soluciones Precipicio.
  • He is actually the mind behind Soluciones Precipicio; Dominic Powers did nothing but give Alejandro money and watch him make more.



1984 -- Born in Puerto Rico
1993 -- Parents disappear without a trace
2001 -- Enters University of San Juan to study Political Science
2005 -- Attends UCLA Business School for MBA
2007 -- Returns to Puerto Rico to found Soluciones Precipicio
2013 -- Uratha return to Puerto Rico and Alejandro makes contact with them as a Wolf-Blooded
2014 -- First Change under Half-Moon



  • "Gentleman" Johnny Marcone - Dresden Files
  • Gordon Gekko - Wall Street
  • Bucho - Desperado
  • Tony Montana - Scarface



Ties Sought

Business partners, business rivals, crime partners, crime rivals,
lovers (brief affairs only), Investigators

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