Aleksei Dragunov

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House Constantinian

The Blood of Kings and Russian Winter


Name: Aleksei Dragunov

Clan: Ventrue - House Constantinian

Innate Status:

  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed as Ancilla

Fleeting Status:

  • Courageous
  • Courteous
  • Acclaimed
  • Favored
  • Loyal

Notable Traits: Always dressed in expensive suits. Almost never addresses people informally in a familiar manner.

Sect Title: None

Clan Title: None


Quotes & Rumors

Rumors (known IC):

  • Aleksei was born to a minor aristocratic family in Russia under the Tsars.
  • He seems to harbor an extreme dislike of Communist political ideology and believes it caused all of the negative situations that plagued his former homeland during the existence of the USSR.
  • Aleksei served as an officer in the Chevalier Guard regiment in WWI.
  • Poor treatment of horses causes Aleksei to revert to speaking in Russian and it never sounds as if he's saying anything remotely pleasant.
  • Homeless and "undesirables" never seem to congregate near the mansion he controls near downtown Denver. Most times, they are found later and say that security guards chased them away from the building. Sometimes, they don't reappear.
  • Aleksei was named Loyal by Justicar Eluwilussit of clan Gangrel.


  • "There will be a bright future for one so capable and reliable as this. Let's hope his upbringing is a trend amongst his lineage, and not a fluke of good fortune." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
    • "Alas, most unfortunate, for my fears have since been proven accurate recently. Seneschal Dragunov is, in fact, a fluke of his immediate lineage. To quote a younger compatriot, the apple fell far from the tree, rolled down the street, took a cab to the airport, and flew to the other side of the world never to see the tree again.....and was the better for it." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • "Mr. Dragunov has proven a most generous seneschal showing concern and care for the Domain of Denver. He has invested heavily into the well being of our domain at great personal expense." - Primogen Cedric Wadsworth of Austin, TX
  • "He is my son--with all of the expectations and prestige one might expect to come of that distinction." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "It is a shame in some ways that he cannot become a Scion, for he would be an excellent one. But Humanitas is the cornerstone of the Camarilla and treading its path has never been a barrier to any Ventrue walking the Road as a King." - Althea Bell-Hammon
  • "Add yours!" - You

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Denver, CO
Player: Nicholas Ferguson
Storyteller: VST Skip Stavis

Player: Nicholas Ferguson

MES Number: US2010116970

Location: Denver, CO

Domain: CO-016-D Silver and Sin