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Malkavian Introduction

Clan Malkavian is twice damned: once by the curse of being Kindred, and again by the turmoil that disturbs their hearts and minds. Upon the Embrace, every Malkavian is afflicted with an insurmountable insanity that fractures her outlook for every night thereafter, making her unlife one of madness. Some consider this a form of oracular insight, while others simply consider them dangerous.

The Priest - Alekto Z. Information

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Known Current Name: The Priest

Known Aliases North America: Alekto Zosime (unceasing survivor), Alekto the Priest, Alekto Priest, The Elected Priest, Priest

Known Aliases Haiti: Babayaya, Iya-Iku, Oya-Iya

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

City: Atlanta, GA

Titles: Elder

Status: (A) Privileged, Confirmed, Established; (F)

Honorable Kindred: Robert Dewitt - Favored


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Sanguine Barghest

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Motto: "We do not Forgive. We do not Forget."

We are the wild hunt and we suffer not the spawn of the Devil to feed upon the innocent.
We are the guardians in the night, charged with keeping the darkness at bay.
We are the hunters of the damned, sworn to purge evil from this world.
May the Gods have mercy on your black soul for we will not.
Peruenimus Tibi, Amen.



  • The Priest
  • The Bear
  • The Witch
  • The Captain

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De Operatione Dei - Hildegard of Bingen (1163-1173) The Book of Divine Works

1-2: I the highest and fiery power, have kindled every spark of life and I emit nothing that is deadly. I decide on reality...with wisdom I have rightly put the Universe in order...I awaken everything to life...The body envelopes the Soul and maintains it so that the Soul does not blow away. For just as the breath of the soul strengthens and fortifies the body so that it does not disappear, the more powerful winds revive the surrounding winds so that they can provide their appropriate service...I breathe life into everything so that NOTHING IS MORTAL in respect to its species. For I am life.
1-10: When God said "Let there be light" the light of the spirit arose.
1-16: For as long as we enjoy the things of the flesh, we can never fully grasp the things of the spirit...therefore whoever shows devout faith in God by scourning earthly things and by revering heavenly things will be counted as righteous among the Children of God. She has loved truth and nothing false has been found in that persons heart.
2-12:'To those who prove victorious O will give the hidden mana and a white stone- a stone with a new name written on it known only to the man who receives it' - Revelation 2:17
2-27: Snatched thus from death I shall announce the wondrous deed of the Lord out of awe and love of God. For God has not abandoned me to death but has snatched me out of damnation in hell.
2-32: Moon waxing...brain and blood of human beings are also increased. Moon waning...brain and blood diminish. If remain the same, we should fall into madness and conduct ourselves worse than wild beasts...Moon full our brain is full - in full possession of our senses. When Moon is new our brain becomes emptier so our sensory powers are injured. If Moon is hot and dry the brain of some persons becomes also hot and dry - suffer from an inflammation of the brain and diminish mental capacity. If Moon is damper than usual, then they feel head pains and are damaged in their minds. When Moon is completely in balance we enjoy full health of brain and head.
4-17: Within the Soul three powers exist: Comprehensio (understanding) by which the Soul grasps heavenly and earthly things through the power of God; Intelligentia (Insight) by which the Soul has the greatest insight when it recognizes the evil sin which the Soul then causes to become detestable as a result of repentance; Motio (Execution) by which the Soul moves into itself as it accomplishes holy works according to the example of just persons in their bodily abode.


  • "We do not forgive. We do not forget." -Sanguine Barghest
  • "The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."
    FRENCH "...premier tressaillement vital; surtout il s'agit à tout moment de sacrifier ce que nous sommes à ce que nous pouvons devenir." - Charles Du Bos (1922)
  • "Bless,'s all a matter of perspective." - The Priest (1871)
  • "Set out to correct the world's wrongs and you will almost certainly wind up adding to them." - Harold Finch (2013)


  • She knows the secret of her Sire.

OOC Info

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Aldea B.
Storyteller: Brian W.
Member Information
Player: Aldea B
Member Number: US2013090081
Nation: US
Region: SE
Domain: GA-010-D
Coordinator: Rowan A.