Alekxander Maximovitch

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Requiem PC

Player: Maxim Vacher
Character: Alekxander Maximovtich
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Position: Prince of Quebec
Domain: [Quebec Requiem] (CDN-023)
VST: Étienne Aubin

Character Information

Name: Alder Alekxander Maximovitch

Clan: Ventrue

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Invictus

Guild: Ars Araneus

House: House Starke

Status: Admired in Quebec, Valued by Ventrue & Valued by the Invictus

Liege: Gregor Starke

Emperor: Thedorick Volikhar

Title or Positon: Earl, Prince and Priscus of Quebec. Concillor and Speaker of the Inner Circle. Spider Engineer of the Ars Araneus.


  • His house member has been destroy during the Bolshevic Revolution, their estates was targeted by many carthians extremist and during the second world war. He is the only survivor of a old and reputed house but now extinct.
  • He move to America after his Sire brutal Death.
  • He survived the bloody city of Quebec, uniting Kindred to fight the Shadow Walker, the top species of food chain in Quebec.
  • He help create the Carthian City Council in Quebec, where the five major faction coordinate themselves in the war effort againts Shadow Walker. City Council replaced the standard Princehood.
  • His nickname on Eastern Canada is : Petit Prince de Québec, an allegation he formally denied.
  • He is a major figure of Masquerade Protection in Eastern canada.
  • He take Praxis in Quebec city in Febuary 2014
  • He places Quebec city under the protection of the Imperial Prince Count Theodoric Volikhar of the Empire du Lys Noir.
  • He died in 2014, following an ambush during a Praxis in Longueil


  • He installed multiple traps in Quebec city in case of his Final Death
  • He has a Childe ready to take his revenge
  • He made a deal with the Brides of Dracula so they didn't attacked the City of Quebec while he was in charge in the Court of the Town

Character Ties




No survivor known

OOC Information

Player Name Maxim Vacher

CaM Number CA2013052309

Location Quebec (CDN-023)