Alex Aspra

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Accord PC

Player: Jasmine Thompson
Creature Type: Forsaken
Division: Unknown
City: Traveling
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Alex Aspra

Character Information


  • Alexandreina Nadezhda Aspra
  • Alex Aspra
  • Nadia
  • Reina
  • Thekh ki'Unag
  • Takes From the Shadows
  • Draga (Only from her Parents)

Creature Type:

  • Forsaken

Notable Traits:

  • Ice Blue Eyes
  • Striking Looks 2
  • Anonymity

Title or Position:


  • Alex was never supposed to go through the change.
  • When her parents were killed, Alex was in the Hisil and unaware of what took place. This still weighs on her to this day.

Family, Pack and Others


  • "She's grown up into a lovely woman and a dear friend." - Cassandra Jones, M.D.
  • "She's what Mom always wanted, a daughter who was a Shifter. Glad Mom got what she wanted." - Lupei
  • "She's just like her mother, and I was always closer to her father. Four Legs and all that. But she's family, and nothing beats that." - Duchess



OOC Information

Player: Jasmine Thompson

MES Number: US2004122590

Location: Phoenix Az