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The Dirt

Name: Alex "Moz" Asteria
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: None Known
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

A Deeper Look


I turn my camera on
I cut my fingers on the way
The way I'm slipping away
I turn my feelings off
Y'made me untouchable for life
And you wasn't polite
- "I Turn My Camera On", Spoon

A once brilliant photographer, Alex has been creatively shattered since the car accident that killed his lover. That same accident, those same trials, brought him the attention of the vampires who would bring him into their world.

As a member of House Asteria, Alex has continued to struggle with reigniting his artistic gifts, finding himself developing new passions and perversions in their place, being moderately disturbed by how good he is at being a vampire.

Returning to New York after several years of travel abroad, Alex is more sure of himself than he was in his earlier years. He stands ready to take his place alongside his family.

House Asteria


He may well be the youngest of the Asteria. Alex was sired by Adwin and mentored by Nikolas, but Genevieve and Ramiel have both played key roles in his development as well.

Scenesters: Allies & Enemies

The Quotable Moz

  • "Being a semiotician, I've spent a lot of time exploring the pantheons and traditions of indigenous peoples all over the globe. This isn't Wicca. Fuck your mainstream gods."
  • "If that's where you want to feed, there's nothing wrong with it per se. If you like the taste of NYU kids from Ohio. You can kinda taste the chain restaurants in the blood, like drinking a strip mall."
  • "Funeral was their best album."

What Others Say - Quotes

  • "I knew Moz before he was cool... Why is that funny?" -Finn Asteria

Written on the Bathroom Wall

  • Alex blames one of the other Asteria for the events that lead to his embrace.
  • Moz has been passed around the Asteria like a joint.


Curse of the Vampire Hipster


  • "I Turn My Camera On" - Spoon
  • "Do it With a Rockstar" - Amanda Palmer
  • ""Sacred Trickster" - Sonic Youth
  • "Radioactive (Dirty Tees Mix)" - Imagine Dragons

Full playlist on Spotify.


  • Loki - as written by Kieron Gillen
  • Spider from Anansi Boys - as written by Neil Gaiman
  • Adam Galloway from House of Cards - as portrayed by Ben Daniels

Requiem PC

Character Information
Clan: Mekhet
City: New York City
Player: Kevin T
Storyteller: Brandon

OOC Information

Player Name Kevin T
MES Number US2002056141
Location New York, NY

Kevin T also plays: