Alex Mercer

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Accord PC

Player: Austen
Creature Type: Sin Eater
Division: A.C.E. (Torch)
City: Ames, Iowa
VST: Justin Taylor

Character Information

Name: Alex Mercer

Creature Type: Sin Eater

Notable Traits: Tattoo of the Suicide, the Ace of Skulls, and Queen of Gears on his right shoulder.

Title or Positon: Mostly Human Hacker

Notable Events

May 21, 1990: Born

May 16, 2008: Graduated Salutatorian from Ames High School

March 20, 2014: Died for the first time during Operation RADAR as part of Team Bait the God.

June 9, 2014: Enlists in the TORCH subdivision of ACE

June 13, 2014: Participated in Operation Geiger, did not die of radiation poisoning, so we're counting it as a win.


Appearance(s) and Personality

A tall, thin, young man with a bright smile and perpetually messy hair. Alex has well defined muscles, but not to the detriment of his lanky form. He keeps himself clean shaven, and wears glasses for convenience.

Alex's personality can be best described as forcefully outgoing, the man is always sticking his nose into some new conversation, or introducing himself to a new person. At least, before his death this was the case. Now he's become slightly more withdrawn and quiet, at least when he think no one is watching. The voice of his nameless geist makes sure he's never really alone.

The ever present geist is a juggernaut clad in void black samurai armor that reveals nothing of the features of the geist beneath. A flat, featureless mask completes this imposing armor. Bullet holes pepper the chest plate of the geist and each one has a steady stream of smoke rising from it. Both the katana and the wakizashi are present on the sword belt, but the geist has foregone wielding these weapons in favor of a mounted gatling gun.


Stuff said by Alex:

"Haven't you heard? We're posing as LARPers!"

"Fuck, all I wanted to do was save the world, y'know."

"Because fuck the CUT. Fuck them right in their Truth lubed asshole." -on why the Truth is fought

Feel free to add things

Stuff said about Alex

Feel free to add things

"Good job on the Jesus impression! Five stars, would likely not watch again because it was stressful as fuck to hear you died." - Simon


  • He was employed by the CUT to steal files from the Accord
  • He's an immortal, and his Geist is actually just a bomb ass spirit in his employ
  • He causes some kind of spiritual interference just by existing
  • He is secretly working on creating a new version of VIRGIL, but better. Much better.
  • He once hacked into Federal databases just to send rude messages to Senator Wells

OOC Information

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Player: Austen Swearinger

MES Number: US2012090057

Location: Places

Hurt - Johnny Cash
Mad World - Michael Andrews
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