Alex Write

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  • Clan: Loasombra
  • Generation: 9th Generation
  • Sect: Sabbat, Loyalist.
  • IC Email Address: Email me
  • OOC Email Address: Email me


  • Alex was Born in 1965, in Califonia.
  • He was Embraced in 1990 by Carolina Valez.
  • Carolina Valez leaves to become Archbishop of Montreal in 1992.
  • Meet the Ductus of the Dead Gypsies Pack Harry Reese during their time in LA.
  • Traveled South and ended up in Louisiana.
  • Met Silas Vaughn in New Orleans, while Fighting the Camarilla.
  • Assisted the Dead Gypsies in their battle with the Camerilla in New Orleans.
  • Agreed to join the MC under the command of Silas.
  • Traveled to Colorado to cloister himself in order to to study tombs about the Abyss .
  • Received a message that his sire had stepped down from Archbishop to become a Abbot.
  • Recived word from Silas that their was a gathering of Dead Gypsies in Austin.



  • “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”


  • His sire is considered a poor Sabbat.
  • He was Embraced in order to assist his sires ploy as an Anarch.
  • He rides with The Dead Gypsies, a Nomad Sabbat Pack.
  • After she hid herself, Alex stopped all communication with his sire.
  • Traveling through New Orleans a few years back he meet the Dead Gypsies while fighting the Camarilla.
  • He agreed to become the new Priest after the former one died after the Camarilla ambushed them.
  • He left soon afterwords with Silas to the Vox.