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Adapt or Die.

Carthian or Bust!


  • Name: Alexander White
  • Apparent Age: Late 20's
  • Height/Build: ~6'0", heavy build
  • Sire: Unknown
  • Status:
    • Covenant: Ordo Dracul ••
    • Clan: Ventrue ••
    • City: Anaheim
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Transparently low humanity


Clan ventrue.png Ordo Dracul.png

Alexander always dresses immaculately, befitting both clan and covenant. He is a tall yet stocky individual with an intent gaze and a distinctly inhuman visage. He can usually be seen in a button up shirt, tie and vest. His attire is traditionally black, but always accented with some shade of red. Closer scrutiny will easily reveal a network of both tattoos and scarification. Most of the tattoos are stark black ink, Middle Eastern or Balkan in nature and very heavily Draconic. Alexander is usually seen wearing glasses and the occasional greatsword.

Common Knowledge

Alexander is an Ancilla from Los Angeles, and has taken to living in San Diego in an attempt to focus on his studies and unlife. He makes no bones about being a combat capable Kindred and spends his Requiem in the company of younger Kindred by way of preference. He claims membership to House Adrestoi and spends most of his nights in study and seclusion.

Known to the Ventrue: Ventrue may know that Alexander's sire had succumbed to the madness associated with his clan and was slain by Alexander and his broodmates, who were scattered to the winds.

Known to the Ordo Dracul: In addition to the above, Dragons would also know that Alexander is a Sworn Axe member with a penchant for Claymores that don't explode and Grappling. He specializes his nightly studies in Kindred Physiology, especially when it pertains to Vitae and Discipline use.


Alexander02.jpg Rumors

  • He is a diablerist.
  • Alexander is a plant by the Ordo Dracul to instill good will with the Carthian Movement.
  • Undersells his abilities and status to both clan and covenant.
  • Secretly Jack the Ripper.
  • Has mastered all physical Disciplines.
  • Alexander is secretly several hundred years over, he's just been in torpor for a long time and embarrassed to say.
  • He didn't choose to be a kindred; his embrace was forced.
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  • "I downloaded a flashlight app on my phone so I can hold it under my face when I tell stories about him." - Net
  • "What a beautiful, beautiful flower. A darling boy, indeed." - Bella
  • "A reliable hammer, but not everything is a nail that responds to a pounding." - Emory
  • "What did we do at the Daeva meeting? We stood around and smoldered at each other. But only Daeva can smolder, you're a Ventrue, you brood." - Violet

OOC Information

Alexander White

Covenant: Ordo Dracul ••
Clan: Ventrue ••
City: Anaheim
Player: Jeff Blumenshine
Storyteller: Erick Quinones


  • The story of Romulus
  • Most of the Greecian tales.
  • Alexander the Great
  • Sin City

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