Alexander Grant

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Sire: Zahra Blanc

Notable Traits: Alex looks the part of the neonate but often presents himself with the stature of someone far older. Always seen with a tablet in hand and his lucky hoodie.

Titles: Seneschal, Charleston, SC

Coteries/Societies: Alexander is a prominent member of the Kindred Organization known as CamNET .

Status: Acknowledged, Esteemed, Cherished, Steadfast by Elder Prince Miles Ashenhurst

Information Known by Kindred Society

Alexander Grant was embraced only after he showed his usefulness after 9/11. Working for the Government organization that would become homeland security he prevented many cyber terrorist attacked on the US including one being run by some Sabbat. Other tech savvy Tremere informed his sire of his skills and he was taken under her wing. He now brings his expert security capabilities to the Camarilla to protect the Masquerade and other cyber threats.



The White Line


  • Once hacked into a Justicar's personal email to prove he could.
  • Seeks to be the first Cyber Archon.
  • Has tech rituals unknown to other Tremere.
  • This is where rumors go.


  • "If we are to survive the modern nights, we need modern protection." -Personal
  • "I don't normally work with other hackers but Alex and I have an understanding." - Zoe De Medici
  • "This is where quotes go." — Quoted Person

Out of Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: James Johnson
Storyteller: Seth Adams

If you are interested in being part of CamNET or want a tie to a young tech savvy Kindred please let me know. The character is played very white hat so please keep that in mind if ties are sought. I look forward to hearing from you! MES Number: US2002056000