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Name: Alexander Harland

Titles: Anointed Priest of the Lancea Sanctum, Confessor of the Diocese of Colorado Springs, Inquisitor for His Grace Bishop Felix Mir, Priscus of Clan Ventrue in the Court of His Majesty Alder Prince Czesare Dragos, Heir to the House of Marek

Clan: Ventrue •••

Bloodline: None known

Covenant: Lancea Sanctum •••

City: Colorado Springs, Colorado •••

Notable Traits:

  • Extremely reserved
  • Near-perfect memory
  • Slightly disdainful of the company of the less cultured




  • He does not speak of his sire, Marek the Blood Prince, except in hushed remembrance of the horrors of the past.
  • Known Childer

Associations within the Sanctified

Allies of other Covenants



  • "When our Prince commanded our domain to disperse rather than face destruction at the hands of rampant Lupines, Herr Harland served as an anchoring force for those of us who chose to defy the Prince's edict. Much of the stability that allowed us to endure those many long years can be laid at his feet; for that, I am in his debt." - Czesare Dragos
  • "How's the stick?" - Feyd Sinclair
    • "Firmly lodged" - The response
      • Later on that night, "How are my favorite sticky Ventrue? No wait. You're not sticky. Stickish? You should be sticky. Let's fix that." - Feyd Sinclair
  • "In these recent nights more and more Kindred do not understand their own beliefs. This is a shame, and makes conversations of quality difficult. Happily, Brother Harland of Colorado Springs is quite the opposite. His knowledge of theological matters is impeccable and his eloquence when speaking on them is equal to his knowledge. I hope to have many more discussions with him in the future." - Alder Tybalt Rook
  • "I would be hard pressed to find someone that understands faith and the Lancea faith better than him." - Dr. Felix Mir
  • "Do forgive me, I am an extremely rude and uncouth Lord. Can we change the subject?" - Father Harland during a discussion of Acolyte faith



  • Alexander's sire is active to this night, under another guise. The bloody terror of Marek's reign may yet be revived.
    • Alexander is Marek, and is using this identity to turn the Second Estate against the First.
  • Alexander secretly hates Carthians on principle.
    • He secretly is a Carthian.
  • Father Harland used to be Lord Harland of the Invictus, but there was some bad blood and he split.
    • Father Harland is still Lord Harland at heart, and has little interest in being Sanctified outside of power for power's sake.
    • Father Harland really did find God after he left the Unconquered, and is determined to fit in with the other Longinians.
  • Father Harland has been charged with educating others in the correct worship of Longinus ... and is doing so with powers of the blood.


OOC Information

Inspirational Quotes

  • "Why when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?" - Shepherd Book, Serenity
  • "I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it." - Shepherd Book, Serenity
  • “Everyone thinks Hitler got to power because of his armies, because they were willing to kill, and that's partly true, because in the real world power is always built on the threat of death and dishonor. But mostly he got to power on words, on the right words at the right time.” - Peter Wiggin, Ender's Game

Sources for Inspiration

  • The Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card
  • Shepherd Book, Firefly, Serenity
  • Sazed, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson


Character Information
Clan: Ventrue •••
City: Colorado Springs, CO •••
Player: Ryan Nash
Storyteller: Sean Bergeman
  • "Welcome to the Black Parade", My Chemical Romance
  • "Propane Nightmares", Pendulum
  • "The Sound of Silence", Simon and Garfunkel
  • "Intervention", Arcade Fire

Name: Ryan Nash
MES #: US2012120018
Domain: Colorado Springs, CO