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IC Info

Alexander Hawk is a known hunter of infernalists and enemies of the Sabbat. As a follower of the Path of Orion, he constantly seeks out new challenges and lives for the hunt. After recently joining the pack known as The Host, he set off for Brazil where he joined his brothers and sisters of the Sword to do battle with the Eater of Names. He survived the bloody encounter and returned home where he claimed the position of Archbishop of the Austin diocese to end the six month vacancy and bring leadership and order to one of the largest diocese in the country.


Notable Traits

  • Enjoys confrontation
  • Speaks his mind
  • A Stalker
  • Ultra Conservative
  • Hatred of anything infernal


  • "Yegor thinks is good leader. Would not want to hold him down for Cardinal to lop off his head." - Yegor Ivchenko
  • "I thought this cat was a paper champion until I watched him rip a new asshole into Lafeyette. Now that's some ruthless aggression I can stand behind." Earl
  • "Ioath is the Sword against the Demon, the Hammer against the Heathen, and Death to the Unbeliever. My brother and I will lay our enemies low." - Amitiel
  • "Our first encounter was brief. Second encounter, he became my brethren, my packmate. He has shown himself to be true and worthy of his mantle." - Deuces Wilde
  • "Alex is hardcore. But yeah, I stepped in front of him, better acoustics that way." - Jude
  • "He took charge when the city was leaderless. He gave me a chance when most other wouldnt have. I would say fuck with him and I will fuck you up but really he is more than capable of doing it himself." - Umryk
  • "He seems quiet and almost amused by his surroundings, but I wouldn't want to push him -- There is something deadly under the surface and I am proud to call him 'Brother' " - Raziel
  • "The Archbishop leads with Strength and conviction. Anyone who doubts that can ask 'The Eater' and his minions where they are now. " - Storm
  • "Praise Caine, Austin has good Archbishop, someone who sharpens the Sword and lays waste to our enemies. How say, man after my own heart." - Anya
  • "The Archbishop of Austin is a wiser man than his appearance would indicate." - Obsidian
  • "I admire what he has accomplished in Austin--I cannot imagine it was easy. Being a leader never is..." - Ambriel
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name
  • "Leave a quote!" - Name


  • His pack was killed by an infernalist, which is why he hates them so much
  • He secretly helps and hides his healer brothers and sisters
  • He actually killed is own pack in frenzy when they refused a hunt

Allies: Always looking for friends and connections

Antagonists: Also looking for enjoyable conflict

OOC Info
Alexander Hawk

Clan: Salubri (Warrior)
Sect: Sabbat
Position: Pack member
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Lucas Clendenen US2010066080
VST: Sabbat VST

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