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Known to the Camarilla

Patriarch of House Constantinian
Camarilla Position: Prince of Washington, D.C.
Clan Position: Praetor
Notable Traits: Taciturn, calm, and decorous.
Physical Description: Tall, Mediterranean features, with dark, close-cropped hair. Dresses in well-tailored, classic suits. Prefers darker colors.


Known Allies and Associates


  • "My Maker hosts the Eyes of God. And so I stand, his Red Right Hand." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "Nothing I say can be good enough for Elder Konrad. That is not to say he would not accept my compliments--only that they would not nearly be adequate." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Tell me, do you dream these nights?" - Lazuli
  • "When Alexios first left to create his kingdom in the New World, I had my doubts. Now I find myself struggling to keep up in a world he has made his own. I have much to learn from him." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "Do not let Alexander fool you. Though he is a fine statesman, heed the stories of his battlefield prowess. Do not confuse his regal ways for weakness." - Asher
  • "We hunger for greatness in those that lead us, our rulers are those who rise above the masses to shape the world. It is said that great men are almost always evil men... and yet we ask, no demand greatness just the same. What does that say about those who lead? Moreso, what does that say about those who are led?" - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "A Kindred of the old school. As different as our respective old schools were, in a clan that has embraced modernity as we have, it is at least an old school I understand and appreciate." - Althea Bell-Hammon
  • "It was once said about the great Ventrue, Hardestadt, That his voice swayed nations. I can say that Prince Konrad would not require the use of kindred disciplines to accomplish the same. If in my time, I grow to half the prince he is, my domain will become the stuff of legends." - Eirik Alexson
  • "The model by which Princes and Ventrue both should be measured." - Captain Sawyer
  • "He is powerful and what many would say the cement that fortifies the base of our Tower. The epitome of Clan Ventrue, though hopefully we have learned all there is to know from Rome." - Primogen Frederic L'Enfant
  • "A powerful presence in any setting. It takes many men years to earn respect. Alexander Konrad simply meeting someone he earns it." - Julian Maxwell
  • "I cannot help but fear him a little bit. There are no words I can speak nor actions I may take that are ever truly out of his reach. There is nothing I do that I would not were he standing over my shoulder." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "It was not until I first stood in his presence that I came to understand the instinct that drove the Romans to deify their Emperors. Alexander Konrad is no self-idolator, but his greatness refuses to be contained within the words used to describe mundane phenomena." - Mark G. Teller
  • "He's a bit like George Washington I think. That is to say it is hard to stand in his presence and not be awed by him; he is legend. " - Mallory Moore
  • "My broodmate says he listens to me and perhaps, sometimes, he does. His life would doubtlessly be less complicated if he just followed my advice a little more often." - Izar San Martin
  • "When I find myself concerned with the deterioration of Kindred virtue, my Sire's example stands as a beacon in the darkness. The Ventrue clan's purpose is to govern, and only one conversation with Prince Konrad is required to understand why." - William Edric
  • "Never assume you understand the power of my Uncle. Never assume that you understand how much he has or how skilled he is, just take it under advisement that your greatest estimates are wrong, double your best guess and leave him a wide berth and endless wells of respect. Do otherwise at your peril." Nicholas Loring
  • "Whenever I am with him, I remember a time before...before I knew what a century felt like, before I understood true pain or loss. In his presence, I feel a moment of naive hope and yearning. I do not see him often, for it makes me sad, but I am grateful for those moments." Viveka Von Daun
  • "Prince Konrad was kind enough to host my artistic debut, I can never find an appropriate way to say thank you. His kindness and generosity will never be forgotten." - Raina Star
  • "Question what you will about Prince Konrad so long as it is not his resolve." -Sevynn
  • "I have met precious few individuals that I find to be more honourable than my grandsire. To stand with him at your side is to know that you stand with purpose." - Adalina Marchand Durante
  • "My first prince, my first pledge, Prince Konrad will continue to do as I have learned all Ventrue will do. Rule. And to that end, though I leave D.C. and the east coast for the West, I sincerely hope that I see him again. A presence such as his is not left easily, nor taken lightly. I'd wish him luck, but we Ventrue need none." - Dexter Mara
  • "What can I say about Alexander Konrad? He is shrewd, guarded, calm, and has a talent for circumlocution." - Angelo
  • "There never has been, nor will there ever be, another man such as Alexander Konrad." - Cate Pershing
  • "I finally was given the opportunity to meet him. Had I known the raw power that was contained in his bare hands perhaps I wouldn't have been so quick to shake his hand." - Spencer
  • "If I have an abiding respect for the scepter, it's because I have seen such a good example of what they can be. If I have a sense of what a Prince should be, it's because I have seen word made power and power made flesh." - Jasper Stark
  • "As goes the Scepter, so goes the Tower. A model of nobility, a blueprint for modernization, and an enemy of savagery; Prince Konrad's rule has come to define the American Praxis. His is the name that history shall use to describe this age. We are living in the Konrad Era." - Benjamin Sharp
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OOC Info

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Washington, DC
Storyteller: VST

Domain: Washington DC

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