Alexander Miguel DeSantos Jessup

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Houston, TX
Player: Walter Holt
Storyteller: Houston VTM VST

The Facts



Name: Alexander Miguel DeSantos Jessup
Clan: Malkavian
Sire: Trimeggian
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged
Coterie: The Beloved (Known Member)


  • 1200: Born, studied as a Fransiscan
  • 1234: Embraced
  • 1240 - 1500: Spain, travelled with Grim Ljotur and Darjius Anakletos
  • 1500 - 1600: England, travelled with Ecdysus
  • 1600 - 1700: Spain
  • 1700 - 1860: America
    • 1700 - 1705: Worked with Camarilla vampires in Boston to ensure its infrastructure and stability.
    • 1705 - 1720: New York, travelled with Violet Lheigh Abernathy and Dylan R Lancaster
    • 1720 - 1733: wandering
    • 1733 - 1785: Savannah
    • 1785 - 1850: Nomadic wanderings throughout the Western Colonies
    • 1850 - 1860: North Texas
  • 1860 - 1880: Egypt, travelled with Edith Boese
  • 1880 - 1915: America
  • 1915 - 2014: Torpor
  • 2015 - Came out of torpor in early 2015. Has been studying religious texts to catch up on the religious implications of the day to better blend in.

Fractured Mirrors


ICly this section known only to Clan Malkavian.


No known childer

Allies, Enemies, and Others

Thoughts about his associates

  • "A paragon of patience and understanding, yet at the same time not one to idly handle fools. Be warned: Lady Longfeather is not one to trifle with, for her knives are sharp and the honeyed tongue from which her words flow also have a wickedly deadly slice to it if you displease her." - Spoken about Lady Longfeather
  • "One must always be careful of Mr. Alright. He's not just a pretty face in tight jeans. His thoughts go deeper than the ocean and are as unfathomable as it is." - Spoken about Matthew Alright
  • "A Genteel man in any day and age. But beware those with soft spoken words, for you know not the stick they carry behind their back. Mr Lancaster is one of those types. Makes a man like me nervous." - spoken about Dylan R Lancaster
  • "The nights are warm and fragrant in the South. Permeations of scents fill the air, and you can softly hear the wolves in the background. Be wary when the wolves get too close, for they will devour you if you show fear. This setting is truest with Miss Violet Lheigh Abernathy."


  • "Imagine a labyrinthine mind. Imagine it surrounded by a hedge of faith. Imagine the labyrinth has drawn to it creatures of power. Now imagine the labyrinth itself a weapon. Isn't that a fearful thought? That is the veritable tip of the ice berg with Father Jessup. He's right over there. Won't you let me introduce you?" ~Dylan R Lancaster
  • "To view the world through the kaleidoscope eyes as Mr. Jessup's is a gift and a curse. He walks his path with a form a grace that is admirable when things are beautiful. When the cruelty that is his own appears, it seems to encompass and consume all that is precious to him, bringing to him an even darker dawn when the tide subsides." ~ Lady Longfeather
  • "Ohh, you wish to speak ill of Father Jessup, well I'll be over there. Let me know when you get back from your journey down the rabbit hole." ~ Matthew Alright
  • "Faith in one of our type is so rare. The fire of the soul burns so strongly in Elder Jessup, he merely wants to spread that warmth to others." ~ Darjius Anakletos
  • "Why Mister Jessup and I go so far back, I can't really put a number to it. While it is true that he is touched as most of his clan are, He is a true artist. I just don't know if you really want to know what his medium is. Why don't you ask him yourself Dear? ~ Violet Lheigh Abernathy
  • "There is nothing wrong with you that reincarnation won't cure" Momma D
  • "The Beast inside us desperately wants to drive the Children of Caine away from Almighty God and His Holy Church. It is rare to encounter one of the faithful, let alone a Cainite who tends to our flock. For this I am grateful. For this I fall down upon my knees and praise God, the Creator." -Andrasi de Covasna


  • Although believed to be in Torpor, Mr. Jessup awoke in early 1942 hungry for blood and "culture". He quickly became enraged with the times and nightlife, causing the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston, Massachusetts killing 602 humans and an undisclosed amount of Kindred. This caused him to promptly return to Torpor.
  • Not the brightest tool in the shed, but I suppose one doesn't have to be intelligent if they're ready and willing to burn everything to the ground around them.
  • Alexander, Miguel, Santos, Jessup...all personalities of those he has devoured. The original long since lost.
  • Faith is a poison to the beast of a kindred, this is why Jessup is the way he is.
  • If you have the unlucky chance of being stuck with this fool of a kindred get away as quickly as you can! He'll either try to convert you to his filthy religion or he'll show you why they were called "the burning times."
  • Break something beautiful. Glue it back together. It still holds beauty, but never the same. This is true with Mr. Jessup; he's fractured, broken, and most dangerous with the jagged edges that remain.
  • He has Van Gogh's ear for music.
  • He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.




The Player

Player: Walter Holt
Number: US2002022592
Location: Houston, TX