Alexander Morgenstern

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Camarilla Tremere living in the Domain of Boston

Known Alias:

No legal alternative alias
Known/acceptable address - Mr. Morgenstern
Familiar (nicknames) - Morg, Xander

Notable Status Traits:

AcknowledgedConstance Fornier
FavoredPrince of Boston
LoyalElder Sheriff Sebastian Sigtyr


Former Sheriff, holding no positions
See OOC Tremere Only


Is a signatory/member of The Glass Pyramid sect of Clan Tremere(1993)
Is rumored to have a Boston allies/Coterie

Character Livejournal:


Information Known by Kindred Society


Talented Noir Detective as Tremere Kindred Occult Investigator in New England, the home of Lovecraftian Horror
Recognized and appreciated nationally as a resource for private investigations.
Disliked by a vile but powerful minority in Boston who wish their activities and methods remain hidden.

Known Past

First known appearance of Mr. Morgenstern was with his sire when they came to Boston at the time of the 1946 Conclave. He was assigned by clan Tremere to stay in the Boston Domain as a resource for investigating Blood Magic and infernalism in New England.

  • Is known to have had a "civil" running disagreement with Elder Primogen, but it was never outright hostile.
  • Was Clan whip from the 1960's through 1993. After joining The Glass Pyramid he stepped down as whip.
  • Was always closely allied with Henry Abrams of clan, a long-time resident of Boston.

Recent Historical Events

Current resident of Boston, clan, and acknowledged to the Camarilla city of Boston.

  • Took over as Primogen after Elder Primogen Nickerson(npc*) violated 'Destruction' and on 'Elysium' and... was caught (aka the 7th Tradition).
  • Morg stepped down from Primogen (Sept. 2013) to serve as (TREMERE KNOWLEDGE ONLY) Regent of the Boston Chantries
  • (NERE September 2013) Spearheaded the investigations in Warwick RI to uncover infernalism, and orchestrated the undoing of the infernal ritual
  • (NERE September 2013) Assisted in freeing Tremere Lord Madeline Coventry from her prison to resume her post as Lord of the NE
  • Won the position of Sheriff of Boston - but was attacked mercilessly by the Primogen and the Harpy for being too terse
  • Resigned from Sheriff under pressure from clans Nosferatu, Malkavian, the Harpy Rags AND - his own Tremere turned on him
  • Was accused by Elder Biltmore of sending Kindred to spy on Danvers - turns out that was a lie, but the Malkavian Elders STILL pushed to have him destroyed
  • Under constant scrutiny and harassment, resigned as Deputy Sheriff... holds no official positions in Boston...
  • Was accused of Heresy by Rags, and brought before the Thought Police for trial - where he was found completely innocent.
  • Is vocal that he does not want any positions.



Camarilla, Clan

Known Line

The Brood of Alexander_Morgenstern:

Julia Marx(June 2013)


Torrance Fairfallen
Henry Abrams
Dr. Avery Carmichael
Phoebe Saltonstall
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Hard-Boiled Occult Noir(1950's) Detective
Literary/Film - Sam Spade, Phillip Marlow, and performances of Humphrey Bogart


"When you are good at what you do you are bound to get targeted for it...
...I never stood a chance." -Alexander Morgenstern

Notable Quotes From Kindred Society

  • Morgenstern is hard-edged, soft-hearted and sharp-tongued. I trust in his loyalty as a friend and in his brilliance as an investigator. - Henry Abrams
  • "Enemies of the Sect should fear the investigative depth that Mr. Morgenstern will go through to defend the Sect. They only find out when it is too late to respond."- Malcolm Rook


  • The Glass Pyramid has a secret Tremere-enemy group called the Black Door of Evil which seeks the destruction of The Glass Pyramid, and the Camarilla.
  • Mr. Morgenstern is on a "secret hit list" made by the Tremere of Houston that is soooooo secret that everybody knows about it.
  • Morg is the constant target of bullying from the nefarious Elder kindred within the city who are afraid to have their secrets uncovered... this also makes his services valuable
  • has notable connections with non-cam clans including deep roots with Setites and Ravanos.
  • Is related via blood to his Childer Julia, and many remark that she calls him "Uncle".
  • a pal of the Scourge, Morg and Torrance Fairfallen often cooperate - he finds the bump in the night... and she kills it.
  • He is not in league with the Constantine's or the Glass Pyramid to throw over the city of Boston. No, it's all about Madam Coventry. She's still pissed she lost her praxis.
  • Went to Danvers Institution and suffered NO ill effects... but there is something different about him.

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Nixon US2010106904
Storyteller: Mark L.

Ties Sought

Looking for Lines, Family, Allies, Antagonist/Rivals, Enemies, Boon Swapping, Random events, Etc.



  • Is a VERIFIED member of the Glass Pyramid
  • Was pivitol in freeing L1 Madeline Coventry(Salem), to resume her position as Lord of the Region
  • Alexander Morgenstern is A7, Former Regent of Boston's Chantries, was demoted by Lord Coventry
  • ... to be her Apprentice/Student in advanced Thaum. Unknown what he is studying for... but is known to spend most of his time in Salem doing constant study

Player Information

Player: Robert Swift aka: Nixon

Location: Boston, MA, USA (need chapter number)