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Introductory Form of Address: The Honorable Alder Minister Alexander Rook of House Tollenaar, Earl of Oregon City, Au Pair of the Crimson Nightingales, Advocate of the Ancient and Esteemed Guild of Ars Sentorus, Groom and Commissioner of the City of Roses





  • Alder Rook has balanced etiquette, cunning, and intelligence and yet still civility. He is a true Invictus in every measure. - Richter Rowansen
  • Pragmatism, when advising sympathy, best comes from without, lest it be tinted with the brush of sentiment. May I introduce my vassal? - Gwyneth Loreth


  • Alexander Rook and Tybalt Rook are the same person; this is why they have never been seen together.
  • Alexander Rook is a close confidant of Prince Loreth, however his advice usually is more the devil on her shoulder than the angel.

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue ••••
City: Portland, OR ••••
Player: James Lewis
Storyteller: Portland VST

In the works