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Requiem PC

Player: Lucas US2002023281
Character: Alexander Vizus
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Status: San Diego 1, Mekhet 2, Circle of the Crone 2
Domain: San Diego, CA
VST: Nick Nakano

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Role: Haruspex, Outsider

Faction: Disciples of Silence

Information Known by Kindred Society

An Occult Actuary

As a student of the occult possessed of a mathematical mind, Alexander Vizus offers his services to members of the First Estate who are willing to pay his, oftentimes bizarre, fees to analyze both banal and preternatural influences on any given endeavor and rate its potential for success.

An Eclipse Oracle

The murmurings of Alexander Vizus' that have been recorded by his Custodian during his years in torpor give a chilling account of the near and distant future as related to the Danse Macabre and especially the Crucibles.

An Agent of Silence

Self possession and a quiet demeanor are hallmarks of Alexander Vizus' behavior. However, these peaceful outward traits bely a deeper metaphysical notion, the conviction that nothing possesses meaning. Alexander Vizus' works are marked by a seeming unbelief in a factual reality and a penchant to introduce a level of entropy to all he touches.


Mortal Life

Alexander remembers little of his life before the Embrace. His multiple violent torpors have all but destroyed his ties to his mortal days. If questioned intently Alexander would have vague remembrances of:

  • Serving the Ottomon Empire during the Greek War for Independence.
  • Living in Adrianople in a Xoraxane community.
  • Being shot in 1826.

Under the Shroud(~1826 - ~1846)

Alexander Vizus' early years he went by the name of Diayanat Mandirali. These years were spent under the Black Shroud. During this time Alexander remembers:

  • His violent embrace after being shot by a Janissary.
  • Vague images of the Court of Istanbul and Adrianople.
  • Strange stories of a Blood Sultan the threat of the Dragon.
  • The violent destruction of his Sire at the hands of a "Dragonslayer".

Invictus Agent (~1861 - 1865)

Between torpors Alexander Vizus simply used the name Mandirali as he travelled Europe and the Levant performing many of the same tasks he performed for the Eternal Empire, but this time for the Princes of the Invictus.

  • An assassination attempt that took place in 1865 in Istanbul resulting in his torpor, but not his destruction.

Breaking Vows (1912 - 1917)

While Alexander was in torpor he started murmuring his dreams. An occultist discovered his torpid corpse and was displayed to various spiritualist groups in Europe as an eastern oddity. After awakening from torpor and ghouling his custodian Alexander leaves behind the vestiges of his Xoraxane identity and travels to the New World.

Alexander recalls with some clarity:

  • Meeting Rowan Ragnardottar at the San Diego World's Fair to commemorate the opening the Panama Canal.
  • Being ordered to swear fealty to Nigel Rothschild, a Nosferatu Commissioner.
  • Secretly leaving the Invictus and joining the Circle of the Crone.

Spiritual Re-Awakening (1960 - 1965)

Alexander awakens after a serious of terrible nightmares. He continues in his role as an advisor to the Invictus, keeping his new allegiance to the Circle of the Crone a secret.

Alexander vividly remembers:

Weaver of Fate (1998 - 1992)

Alexander awakens in San Diego and begins laying the groundwork for the next Crucible. During this Crucible Alexander is a recluse from Kindred Society.

Alexander recalls specifically:

  • Gathering a group of like-minded mortals to carry out his wishes while he is in torpor.
  • Building the foundations of a new power base in San Diego.

A New Nightmare (2012 - Present)

Alexander awakens beset by nightmares. His vision has darkened and he finds himself ignorant of what portends will guide this Crucible.

Those Tangled


OOC Information

Player: Lucas US2002023821

Location: San Diego, CA