Alexander Wallace

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A Malkavian's place isn't in the front lines they told him, no matter how unusual his blood was. Wallace was never stereotypical, never cliche.

Century's of practice, the art of slaying others. He is the epitome of movie Slasher. The Dark figure in the woods, the guy at the end of the alley way, the charming smile, the devilish grin, the maniac, the stalker.

He's Jason.

He's Michael.

Candy man.


The mask of Reeker.

Leslie Vernon.

And now. . Now he is shackled to the tower. How long will the leash be tugged until it snaps.

Screams and Applauds

  • "Before he was Myrmidon Murder, he was already the epitome of what goes bump in the night and an asset to Clan Malkavian." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "Wallace? Do you mean Wallace the Scourge? He is a delight, and I look forward to our next meeting." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "May our enemies break before your unyielding blows." - Walter Thorne
  • "Surprisingly good sense of humor for one whose epitaph is "The Murder". I enjoy his company immensely and can respect a Kindred who is not afraid to leave the blood on the blade." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick
  • "I'd party with that guy!" - Roadrash
  • "My Death tastes like honey and ash." - Fayina
  • "He can throw a party." - Rosko
  • "I fucking love Wallace...he's probably the only Vampire I actually like!" -Billy Violence
  • "Men of violence lose part of themselves with each final gasp they cause. Wallace remains a marble slab, unweathered by the storm. What I cannot be certain of is if he lost all he can lose, or if he was brought into this world already empty." - Reginald Puddle