Alexander White

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Accord PC

Player: Michael Bryan
Creature Type: Unknown
Division: The Samaritan Group
City: Puerto Rico
VST: John Foster

Character Information

Operation: The Tower Patch
Operation: Black Ice

Name: Alexander White

Creature Type: Unknown

Notable Traits: Youthful appearance, expertise in the Shadow, extremely sexual

Title or Position: Assistant Tactical Office Lead

Character Description

Alexander looks to be in his early 20's, which he attributes to clean living, working out, and excellent plastic surgeons. He has the looks of a supermodel and dresses fashionably, generally preferring the feeling of custom made silk outfits.


  • He's being controlled by some sort of lust spirit.


  • "I just want to enjoy your glorious body."
  • "He said my mouth was pretty. He really wants to stick that thing in there?" - Brightwater
  • Sam Roland Hain - " Jeezzz ... Kirk what did you do now?"
  • also, dude, i do not care about your dick. if your dick is so central to your personhood that the fact that it's gone soft now is something you need to reveal to a complete stranger on the internet after like three email exchanges, maybe take this as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and deepen yourself as a person, so that when you figure out how to recover from having sold a fundamental part of yourself to a merchant (for a compelling reason, granted) you will maybe have other topics of conversation available to you. - F1R3W@LL
  • "Got stuck with him in the Hedge for 3 days. So he became dinner. Not that it was anything personal, but people gotta eat. It was either him or the passed out fairy. I'd take seconds on lunch." - Brightwater
  • "Once he learned to drop the irritating Bruce Wayne rich playboy veneer around me, we had an entirely pleasant conversation that had nothing to do with sex." - Lilith
  • "He had to be good on the trip to Turkey.... I completely made up for it." Erin Swift
  • "Oh, look, it's another shallow, self-absorbed monster wot wants ta fill all the 'oles in its 'eart with sex. Seen it a'fore, not impressed." - Sybil Grey

OOC Information

Player: Michael Bryan

MES Number: US2005043255

Location: Charlotte NC-008-D