Alexander Wind-Slasher

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
Pack: Return to Glory
Sept: Sept of Harmony Grove
Rank: Fostern
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••
Player: Erick Quiñones
Storyteller: Chrys Seward

General Information

Name: Alexander "Wind-Slasher" Romanov
Notable Traits: Pure Breed 3, Appearance Related Traits x3, Natural Leader
Affiliations: House Crescent Moon, Sun Lodge
Positions: Councilor for the Sept of Harmony Grove, Pack Alpha of Return to Glory

Known to the Nation

Father Funeral.png

2008: March 25. His father dies in a break-in robbery in his New York home, leaving Alexander with no immediate family (being an only child and his mother dying in childbirth to his would-be younger brother). Upon hearing the news, he goes through his First Change at the age of 14 in his 8th Year attending a Boarding School in Moscow, Russia. He's found and mentored, as a Cub by Seven Mountains, a male Fostern Lupus Ragabash Silver Fang (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST) and his packmate Hunts-the-Night, a female Fostern Lupus Ahroun Silver Fang (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST).

2008: May 1. He attends the funeral of his father in New York. Seven Mountains (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST) and Hunts-the-Night (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse) also attend, to keep an eye on him.

2008: May 15. Under the careful watch of Seven Mountains (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST), he goes through his Rite of Passage in New York, earning the deed name of Wind-Slasher and the rank of Cliath. The Alpha of the Pack, Hunts-the-Night (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse), offers him a place in her Pack, Screeching Wrath. Alexander proudly agrees.

Alexander Wind-Slasher

2008: September 4. Flies back to Moscow to resume his studies for his 9th Year at School. Is introduced and joins the small Sept there.

2010: October 12. Seven Mountains (NPC under San Diego Apocalypse VST) hears about the First Change of Alexander's cousin, Nico Blade-of-the-Sea and informs Aleksander. When he graduates in June 2011, the Pack plans on leaving Russia and moving permanently to San Diego and so that Alexander can finally meet his long lost cousin.

2011: June 28. Finds his cousin, Nico Blade-of-the-Sea and begins investigating into what now seems like a targeted assassination of his family. He introduces himself to the Sept of Harmony Grove.

2011: August 2. Approaches Inigo Montoya (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST), as he is a Galliard not of his Pack to Test for Fostern. He’s turned away for his arrogance. This enrages Alexander so much so that he has to be throated by Hunts-the-Night (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse).

2011: August 10. Is recruited and serves as a Guardian for the Sept under the Warder, Percussive Maintenance (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST).

2011: September 21. Under advisement of the Warder, Alexander challenges again for his Rank of Fostern. He is given the Challenge to solve a threat to the Sept without a direct confrontation. Based upon the murders of a few Kinfolk in the area, Alexander believes it has to do with the shadowy assassin group. He decides to go after them.

Ghost wolf.png

2011: October 31. Foils an assassination attempt on Nico Blade-of-the-Sea from the shadowy assassins. Unfortunately, in the heat of battle, Hunts-the-Night (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse) is killed before the shadowy assassins flee. Guiding the police department against the shadowy assassins, he forces them to flee the area thus finally earning him the rank of Fostern.

2011: November 4. The Gathering for the Departed for Hunts-the-Night (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse) is held by the Sept of Harmony Grove.

2011: December 10. Spends his Christmas break investigating his old home in New York to help track down the shadowy assassins to their source.

2012: January 2. Returning back to his home, he meets with Seven Mountains (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST) to discuss the case. An explosion happens and Seven Mountains (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST) saves him but dies in the ensuing fire.

Talons Headquarters.jpg

2012: January 18. Funeral for Seven Mountains (NPC: San Diego Apocalypse VST). Packless, Aleksander withdraws from the world.

2012: March 15. Decides to leave San Diego. Books a plane ticket to Prague in the Czech Republic. He has received confirmation of training by a bounty hunter there. He is hoping it helps him hunt down the group that has been stalking his family for years.

2013: December 18. Aleksander hears rumors of a group of shadow assassins. He decides to follow it up, thinking that they might either be or know the group that's been assassinating his family over the years. He parts ways with the bounty hunter.

2014: June 11. Commits numerous crimes with lots of groups to try to get the attention of the shadow assassin group. He's finally recruited while he's in a prison in northern Bangladesh by the group known as the Talons of the Stormcrow.

Alexander Wind-Slasher

2014: November 26. After loads of extensive training in the headquarters in Tibet, his Final Test is to execute a Garou who's been investigating them (Truth Be Told). He realizes that this would be crossing a line and that they're trying to corrupt him. He fights back and barely escapes with Truth Be Told as he destroys their facility in the process.

2014: December 2. On the road back, Truth Be Told and Alexander make a new Pack, Return to Glory, with Buzzard as their Pack Totem.

2015: January 12. Hiking on foot, car and plane, Aleksander is finally able to return to San Diego, confident that he's finally avenged his dead relatives and protected his very few remaining family by the destruction of the headquarters of the Talons of the Stormcrow. With that set, he meets back up with his cousin, Nico Blade-of-the-Sea and accepts him into their new Pack.

2015: January 16. Alexander and his Pack meet Nico's twin sister, Princess Aurora Romanov. She is also accepted into their new Pack.

2015: February 7. Re-introduces himself to the Sept of Harmony Grove and begins work on forging a new future for himself.

Return to Glory


Pack Totem: A Buzzard spirit called Slava (Russian for "Glory")


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