Alexander Winters "Blackwinter"

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Apocalypse PC

Player: Marcos R.
Character: Alexander Winters
Deed Name: Blackwinter
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silver Fang
Position: TBD
Rank: Adren
Sept: Sept of Falling Jewels
Pack: the Killjoys
Domain: Dark Capital (VA-020-D)

Character Information


Name: Alexander Michael James Winters

Alias: Alex, Alexi

Deed Name: Wolf-of-Sorrows, Blackwinter

Auspice: Ahroun

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Silver Fangs

House: Wyrmfoe

Camp: Royalists

Lodge: Lodge of the Sun (Waxing)

Title or Position: Lord of the Righteous Court, Warder (former)

Renown: Glory 9.8, Honor 5.0, Wisdom 2.10

Sept: Sept of the Falling Jewels, Washington DC

Pack: The Killjoys, Alpha

Territory: Falconcrest Community, Great Falls Virginia.

Notable Traits: Pure Breed x3; Deep battle scar on right forearm. Spiritual Glyph of "Resilient" on right shoulder

Archetype Achievements: Alpha

Character Description

Alexander once had long black hair for the most of his life. He decided to cut his hair short after the death of his Garou father; sometimes he will comment that it’s to show maturity or his own way of mourning. In Homid and in Glabro forms, his eyes are dark brown. While in other forms such as Crinos, Hispo and Lupus his fur is like any other traditional Silver Fang, white with a hint of silver and his eyes become blue.

He stands at 5’7” and prefers to wear semi-casual clothing such as white starched shirts and grey slacks. On rare moments especially in formal events he wears expensive suits. He also favors the near rustic look of jeans and flannel shirts. Since his pack is focused on urban warfare, he wears digital urban camouflage on missions.

Alexander is seen always wearing his father’s signet ring bearing the crest of House Wyrmfoe.

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  • 1987: Alexander was born in Georgetown Hospital in Washington, D.C.
  • 2000: At the age of thirteen Alexander's father had taken his son to Mother Russia to meet with the tribal elders, there Alexander had experienced his first change. Then as a Cub, he was to learn all there is to be a Garou by his father as common practice among his tribe.
  • 2003: Alexander had gone through his Rite of Passage during the Summer Solstice, becoming a Cliath to the nation and in the winter of that same year the Ratkin War began.
  • 2004: Was a member of a local multi tribe pack under Lion, called the “Green Knights”. The pack mainly consisted of Fianna and Silver Fangs. They defended the outer areas of the Sept's protectorate in Northern Virginia. After the death of his alpha the pack fell apart.
  • 2005: The Sept of the Awakening where he grew up was in ruins by the Ratkin horde.
  • 2006: Alexander had fought in an honor duel that earned his the rank of Fostern.
    • Was invited to join the Sun Lodge and gain the title as Lord.
    • He was betrothed to a Silver Fang kinfolk from Clan Crescent Moon, Lady Elizabetha “Liz” Svanova.
    • In the aftermath of the Ratkin War, Alexander’s whole family was slaughtered and his old family estate was burned to the ground.
  • 2009: Lord Alexander had joined the newly created caern in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the Sept of Falling Jewels.
  • 2013: Lord Alexander Blackwinter had won the challenge to be Warder of the Sept of Falling Jewels. Unable to have closer with the loss of his family, he suffered a long period of deep Harano that now continues to haunts him.
    • Lord Blackwinter and Lady Svanova were mated.
    • He had travel around in the Umbra to complete a long spiritual quest.
  • 2014: Alexander had joined forces his many Garou to defeat the heavy Wyrm presence in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He was part of the leading pack to take the vanguard into the maw of the Black Spiral Hive and beheaded their Alpha.
    • Had returned to the Sept of Falling Jewels and regained his position as Warder without challenge.
    • He help formed a multi tribe pack, which is Glass Walker dominate, called the Killjoys under Clashing Boom-Boom and became the Beta.
    • He traveled to the Northern Protectorate in upstate New York, to pay respects at the Gathering of the Departed of King Jonas Albrecht.
    • Lord Blackwinter and Lady Svanova are expecting their first child.
    • He stepped down from the position of Warder and handed it to Markus Anderson "Walks in Shades".
    • Was leader of a war party and fought a Vozhd in the Washington DC metro.
    • Became the new pack Alpha of the Killjoys, under Clashing Boom-Boom.
    • Was appointed by Henry Rodgers, Adren Silver Fang Alpha of the Sept of Heron's Prize to recover their missing path stone.
    • Attended the crowning of Victor Dawncrown as King of House Wyrmfoe.
    • Becomes Adren of the Nation by Markus Anderson "Walks in Shades".
  • 2015: Arrived with his pack and members of his Sept to help defend the Sept of The Golden Door.
    • Had discovered he has a long lost niece, now under his protection.
    • Traveled with Victor Dawncrown to gather other members of House Wyrmfoe and their allies to defend Helios from Nightmaster.
    • Anastasia "Ana" Mary Winters, daughter of Lord Blackwinter and Lady Elizabetha Svanova was born.
    • Attended the Gathering for the Departed for King Cyrus the Bold of House Unbreakable Hearth.
    • Made leader of a task force at the Battle of Standing Rock by the elders of the Sept of the Dragonfly.
    • Chosen to be the Wyrmfoe at the Silver Fang tribal Moot.
    • Attended the Crowning of Sabine Silver-Swift of House Unbreakable Hearth.
    • Joined a mass force of Garou in Hong Kong to defeat the renegade Glass Walkers under Screams-in-Digital.


The Line of Winters

Pack: The Killjoys, Urban Warfare;

Friends & Political Allies:

Enemies & Rivals:

Epic Gatherings or Battles of Note

  • The Ratkin War; Battle of Washington, D.C.
  • The Campaign of the Blue Ridge Mountains; Battle of the Dragonfly.
  • The Gathering for the Departed for King Jonas Albrecht.
  • The Healing of Heron's Prize.
  • The Crowning of Victor Dawncrown.
  • The Battle for the Dream of the Golden Door
  • The Defense of Helios against Nightmaster
  • The Gathering for the Departed for King Cyrus the Bold.
  • The Battle of Standing Rock.
  • The Wyrmfoe at the Silver Fang Tribal moot.
  • The Crowning of Sabine Silver-Swift.
  • The Battle in Hong Kong against Screams-in-Digital.

Code of Honor

  • Never strike those weaker than you.
  • Always speak the truth.
  • A true noble never forgets a debt.


  • Alexander was born and raised in Washington, D.C.
  • The Black Fury Ahroun, Taryn Aetos "Sun Caller" and Alexander’s father were once lovers.
  • The Bone Gnawer Ragabash, Ladon Aetos "Doggie Bag" is Alexander’s Metis Half Brother.
  • The Winters family are known for their ill tempers.
  • Blackwinter had never got over the death of his parents and older siblings
  • Condescending to most due to his hubris demeanor, but deep down inside he’s chivalrous and over protective to those close to him.
  • Alex is traditional and idealistic to a fault.
  • He drinks too much
  • Hard time making friends and harder time keeping them.
  • His temper and ego tend to get him in trouble.
  • King Jonas Albrecht is his childhood hero.


"…you shine like your name should and with that distracting attention you make the best of it while your enemies are confused and blinded." - ASAP
"Honor is a double edged sword that can both ways." - Blackwinter
"When he's spitting his own teeth out he'll realize you don't fuck with me." - Asha


Anything produced from Two Sept From Hell.
Anything from Dead Can Dance.
Fever Ray, "The Wolf"
Funker Vogt, "Arising Hero"


  • Rob Stark, HBO Game of Thrones
  • Sir Lancelot du Lac, Knights of the Round Table
  • Captain Foromir of Gondor, The Lord of the Rings.
  • Thorin II Oakenshield, the Hobbit.
  • Kiba, Wolf's Rain
  • Cullen Bohannon, Hell on Wheels.
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OOC Information

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Player: Marcos R.

MES Number: US2002034194

Location: Washington, D.C.

Domain: Dark Capital (VA-020-D)