Alexandre d'Aumont

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Known to the Camarilla


Camarilla Position:
Clan Position: Elder

  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla [1643]
  • Establishedby right of being an Elder of the Toreador
  • Privilegedby right of being an Elder of the Toreador
  • Confirmed by right of being an Elder of the Toreador
  • Triumphant From Reputation Merit.
  • Victorious from Jarl Alrekr Vargasson winning a Ordeal in Denver, Colorado
  • Courteous by Prince Isabella Andreas, of Lakeland, Florida
  • Loyal by Clan Head Lilly Belle Stafford-Thorne

Titles: Elder, Pater Familias of House d'Aumont, Grand Basileus of the Minervian Guild
Prefered Form of Address: Elder d'Aumont, Master Harpy d'Aumont, d'Aumont the Elder
Generation: 7th
Typical Appearance: Wears Suits and is slow moving. Can be seen speaking to very few people. He always dresses fashionable for the occasion.


Sire: Lucas d'Aumont (NPC Prince of Aumont France)

Childer: Anabelle d'Aumont, Played by Heather Woody
Childer: Michael Fuller Miller, Played by Bryan Perryman

Grand Childer: Michele d'Aumont
Grand Childer: Samiel d'Aumont
Grand Childer: Joseph d'Aumont
Grand Childer: Aarinade d'Aumont
Grand Childer: Jacques d'Aumont
Grand Childer: Alexandre the Younger

Ghouls: Martin d'Aumont


Known Allies and Associates

Lee Ann Marcos Dorian Burroughs Zachariah White TBA



  • 1601 – Born in Aumont, France as a family servant of the Devereux Branch of the D’Aumont Family
  • 1601 – 1636 – Serves as a slave in the household of Lucas Devereaux.
  • 1636 – Becomes a Ghoul to Lucas Devereaux.
  • 1642 – Is Embraced in Aumont, France
  • 1642 – 1742 – Now freed after the death of his sire, he travels Europe learning kindred traditions from various courts of the Ivory Tower.
  • 1742 – 1834 – Travels all over the northeast United States. Meets an adopted sire who educates him and his childer on the ways of the Camarilla, Kindred etiquette.
  • 1834 – Travels to the Wild West
  • 1834 – 1850 – Develops his family’s name and reputation at Fort Vasquez, Colorado. They then move to East Denver neighborhood.
  • 1850 – 1910 – Enters Torpor.
  • 1910 – 1950 – Becomes one of the wealthiest black families in Denver using gold money to fuel the black economy.
  • 1950 – Weary he enters torpor.
  • 1950-2014 – Sleeps in Torpor.
  • 2014 – Awakens and sells some real estate keeping some others to fuel his rapid financial climb to power.


  • The word "African" American is insulting to us true Africans. It has been three hundred years since the American "Black" has come here and the DNA is so contorted and mixed with others that the designation African is an insult for the Acota (Slave in Yoruba). But they are my kin and will protect them. - Alexandre d'Aumont
  • "I've found Alexandre to be a fascinating man with a great story to tell. Ask him to tell you about it." - Tanis
  • "I have had dealings with the man in the past and should I find myself in need he would be one of the first I sought out." - Zachariah White
  • "An individual of rare poise and wit. Truly a pleasure to know." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Die puppy die!" - Alexandre d'Aumont to a Werewolf he slew.
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  • Alexandre d'Aumont secretly hates everything white, having never gotten over slavery. Even though....his most favorite childer , MFM , is white....
  • He is secretly of Noble French Blood being the actual son not just childer of the Elder D'Aumont

OOC Information

If you'd like to create character ties of any sort, please feel free to contact the player.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Denver, CO
Player: Kenneth Green
Storyteller: Skip Stavis

Player: Kenneth Green
Camarilla Number: US2006078107 Domain: North Central Virtual Chapter

Character Inspirations
Solomon Northrup from 12 Years a Slave and Real Life

Russell "Stringer" Bell from The Wire