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Character Affiliations

Accord PC

Player: Ryan Prejean
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: None
City: Lafayette, LA
VST: VST Mike Breaux

Ursara2.png Heartrippericon.png
Hub City Hounds

Character History (All OOC information until told)

Before The Release:

Alexei Kovrov (Алексей Ковров) was born to Sergei (Сергей) and Ekaterina (Екатерина) Kovrov in the Siberian wilderness. Living off the land was tough living, but it made him into a strong boy. From an early age, he was chopping logs, and hunting with his father. His father was surprised by the ease with which Alexei picked up the hunt, and how strong he was becoming. He never once complained about the harsh wilderness. Quite the contrary, he seemed to embrace it.

The Release:

Alexei's Beast Form

Alexei is now 11 years old. He and his father are out hunting deer. Not only were they stalking their prey, but so was another group of men. Alexei and his father spotted a buck. They aimed for it, but before they could pull the trigger, a gunshot fired from the other group. Sergei fell over, bleeding from a bullet wound in his back. The other hunters, realizing what had happened, ran over to help. The bullet had done massive damage. He ended up not being able to stabilize. Alexei, upset over the death of his father, became enraged. The hunters tried everything they could to console the boy, but it just wasn’t working. Alexei began to transform. In a blood rage, he tore the hunters apart.

The Feral Years:

Alexei, now fully realized as an Ursara, began to live his life in his new form. He found it easier to deal with the death of his family in isolation from humanity. It took two years before he even considered approaching another human, and another year before he met someone who made him consider returning to the world of men.

Controlling the Animal Within:

It is now the summer of Alexei's 14th birthday, and he is catching fish in a stream, as most bears do. As he did so, another bear joined him. There was something different about this one; he sensed there was something more to her. As he observed her, she shifted into a human form, but continued to approach. His first instinct was to run, but as she approached, he did not feel the need growing. She came up to him, whispered in his ear that she knows what he is, and smiled. At that, he reverted to his human state. She introduced herself simply as Мать Медведь (Mat' Medved' - Mother Bear). He spent two years with her learning everything it was to be Ursara.

At the end of those two years, she told him to pursue his own path in life. He decided that there was nothing left for him in the frozen wastes of Russia, so he moved to the United States. He was told that there were many tribes of men who revered the spirits of nature, and may even be home to others of our kind. Hoping to find peace in life, years meeting with tribe after tribe of Native Americans. He felt at home with the beliefs and the reverence for the land that the natives had. He was also lucky enough to meet many others like himself, although of different species of animal.

Learning The Truth

In 2004, Alexei decided to take a trip to the "Big City". He decided that New York City was the only real choice for this trip. When he got there, he was not impressed. This city of steel and concrete was not for him. Everywhere he went, he saw the neglect for nature which had become so commonplace to most people. Aside from this, there was a particularly loud and annoying man in the train terminal. He was waving his hands in the air, and preaching at the top of his lungs. It is here where Alexei first heard The Truth. He shrugged it off as little more than a crazy man trying to get attention.

Till Now:

As the years rolled by since New York, he spent more time out in nature. As he communed with nature, he realized that the spirits were getting more unsettled. It took him a few more years to draw try to find someone who might understand the spirits better. He returned to a friend of his in Arizona.

It is now 2015, and Alexei decides to meet up with an old family member that he knows lives in the states. He heads to Lake Charles, LA to meet up with Grin, a 3rd cousin whom he has not seen in quite some time. They have a long talk about the Church and their true intentions. He then tells me of a group that is fighting them, called the Accord. Alexei feels he should be part of this organization, so he asks about cells to the east. He is directed to Lafayette, where his journey will truly begin...

Character Information


Name: Alexei Kovrov

Creature Type: Changing Breed - Ursara Storm Bear of the Heart-Ripper accord.

Notable Traits: At 6'9", Alexei is not a small man. When Alexei is around, everyone notices. His English is also not the best.

Title or Positon: Guardian

Notable Skills and Merits: He is capable of dishing out the damage, as well as taking it. He is quite capable of healing at an accelerated rate.


  • Alexei has spent most of his adult life constantly moving. He would love to find a place to call home.
  • Alexei is always looking for a good sparing partner.
  • Being a fairly new member of the Accord, he will be looking for ways to make himself useful as long as it doesn't interfere with his duties as Guardian.
  • Alexei is constantly looking for ways to help the local spirits deal with the activities of both the Accord and the Church of Ultimate Truth.


OOC Information

Ryan Prejean

Player: Ryan "Ox" Prejean

MES Number: US2014110069

Location: Lafayette, LA

Contact Information:

  1. Email: rprejean1@gmail
  2. Skype: Oxking52
  3. Other contact options may be made available upon request.