Alexei Rostov

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Alexei Rostov

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"Im the one yall are lookin for."
- Alexei Rostov

Name: Alexei Rostov Geneology.jpg
Clan: Gangrel
Lineage: Milov Petrenkov
Camarilla Position: Archon to Shar-Sin
Coteries/Societies: None known
Positional, Archon to Shar-Sin - Commander
Positional, Archon to Shar-Sin - Noble
Abiding Elder - Confirmed,
Abiding Elder - Established,
Abiding Elder - Privileged
Innate - Architect of the Tower
Fleeting - Acclaimed, per Seneschal Arthur Fisher of Seattle WA.
Fleeting - Loyal, per Prince Viktor Cantemir of Seattle WA.

In Brief: Alexei is quick witted and well dressed. Alexei is not your stereotypical Gangrel.

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Friends and Enemies. Russian Structure.jpg

OnyxPathGangrel.png - Baptiste

OnyxPathGangrel.png - Brenton Chase

OnyxPathGangrel.png - D

OnyxPathGangrel.png - Roane

OnyxPathGangrel.png - Sevynn

OnyxPathGangrel.png - X

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OnyxPathGangrel.png 1040: Born in Russia in 1040 to an East Slav family.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1075: Embraced by Milov Petrenkov.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1075 - 1185: Moved around Russia not staying in one place to long.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1185: Entered Torpor.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1365: Came out of Torpor.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1365 - 1405: Maintained a haven in eastern Russia.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1395: Embraced Vesna.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1403: Vesna turned into a Gargoyle, Alexei never embraces again.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1405 - 1777: Traveled to Europe. Was present at the signing of the Convention of Thorns.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1777: Left Europe to travel abroad and landed in the colonies of the Americas. .
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1777 - 1960: Moved round the South Eastern United States not finding his niche.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1960: Studied Music theory and moved to Nashville.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 1960 - 2014: Lived on the outskirts of Kindred Society in Nashville to current day.
OnyxPathGangrel.png 2014: With the Prince Dead and the City in turmoil left Nashville and moved to Seattle Wa.
OnyxPathGangrel.png March 2015: Became Primogen of Gangrel for the Domain of Seattle, Wa.
OnyxPathGangrel.png September 2016: Became Archon to Shar-Sin.

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OnyxPathGangrel.png I hope you find peace father. ~Alexei Rostov
OnyxPathGangrel.png I'm glad for the few times we've met. I've walked away each time a bit wiser than before. There's more to his words, if you just listen well enough. ~Lexi von Jaeger
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OnyxPathGangrel.pngAlexei is a Anarch.
OnyxPathGangrel.pngAlexei spends more time with musicians than his own kind.
OnyxPathGangrel.pngAlexei is indestructible.
OnyxPathGangrel.pngAlexei is actually a Toreador.

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Seattle, WA
Player: Trevor Mayes
Storyteller: Kevin Millard

OOC Information

Player: Trevor Mayes
Member: US2002021809

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