Alexi Kalashnikov XLVII

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Requiem PC

Player: Craig Hobbs
Character: Alexi Kalashnikov XLVII
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Position: Prince, Grand Inquisitor
Status: City ●●●●●, Lancea Sanctum ●●●●, Gangrel ●●●
Domain: OH-017-D
VST: Amanda Anderson

Character Information

Name: Alexi Kalashnikov XLVII

Aliases: Inquisitor 47, Prince 47

Clan: Gangrel

Bloodline: Mortifiers of the Flesh

Covenant: The Lancea Sanctum


Gangrel ●●●

Lancea Sanctum ●●●●

City of Cincinnati ●●●●●

Title or Positon: Prince of Cincinnati, Grand Inquisitor of the EC See

Notable Traits: Though not prominently displayed, it is quite obvious if any part of his body besides his hands or face are exposed that he is covered in scars

Dragao Lineage

Named after the Portuguese word for 'dragon.' The name isn't metaphorical - without the modern concept of a vampire or a Masquerade, Atilio's sire, Cara of Catalan, was known as a vibria, a mythical female dragon, and claimed her sire was the legendary dragon slain by Saint George. After all, there are many, many myths of townspeople sacrificing their sick, young or elderly to sate the dragon that lived on the edge of the wilderness - myths that far predate the upyr that surfaced in 12th century slavic nations.

Dragao are the protective and territorial breed of Gangrel. They are not wanderers or nomads. In fact, the only time where Dragao typically spend any significant stretch traveling is immediately after waking from torpor, while re-assimilating their identities following the Fog of Ages.

Since Dragao dig in their claws, typically settling in one area for long periods of time, they are also very pack-based --- lone wolves aren't found in the Dragao. Even if there are no other Gangrel around, they will naturally link up, growing close and protective with non-Gangrel. True to their draconic themes, established Dragao tend to hoard in some capacity. This may be occult knowledge, boons, gold, or 14th century Persian artwork but there is always something.

The lineage tends to be very pro-society, believing law and order, backed by force, to be the underpinnings of civilization. That said, the Dragao are undoubtedly predators and are always willing to back it up. Many Dragao have been known to enter the Red Surrender and become Pack-Blooded,for example.

Finally, members of Atilio's line predictably have at least a passing interest in the mystical and the spiritual. Just as many tales tell of human seekers encountering dragons who provide them with ancient wisdom or secret occult knowledge, the Dragao often value the same. While they don't have to be occultists themselves, those who are not frequently maintain a strong network of knowledgeable contacts, acting as patrons in exchange for information on their discoveries.

Atilio Eldest living of the Dragao blood, Prince of St. Louis, Sire of Alexi Kalashnikov XLVII

Obadiah Thorn Grandsire of Hunter, Prince of Oklahoma City

Silas Lone NPC Sire of Hunter Bec, sole kindred of Coalwood West Virginia

Asher Al-Khalid Columbus GA Invictus of House Benedictus

Calixta St. Louis Invictus, Guild of the Iron Scales

Lady Piper Sinclair Invictus, Priscus of Washington DC Gangrel

Alexander Pope Columbus GA Carthian

Irmiyaa Uzair Baron of Aiken SC, House Theosophy

Yosef Ben-Israel Priscus of Dallas TX Gangrel, Dragon Knight

Hunter Bec Gangrel of Ankeny IA


  • "This crazy mother fucker ate a god damn portal --- /ATE IT/. I don't even know how he's still alive. I think he sold his soul to the devil" - Hunter Bec


Some have said that he eats rocks

Known Associates

Ivan Kalashnikov

Isaac Redfox

Saint Alexander Domingo


OOC Information

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Craig Hobbs