Alexi Vladislov

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Requiem PC

Player: Matt Blank
Character: Alexi Vladislov
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Position: Paladin
City Status: 3
Clan Status: 2
Covenant Status: 3
Domain: NYC
VST: [1]

Character Information

Name: Alexi Vladislov

Clan: Daeva

Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Status: City 3 Covenant 3

Notable Traits:

Alexi has a Russian accent and wears the cloak of a templar. Unflinchingly direct. A great sword often appears out of nowhere around him.

AlexiShot.png AlexiSitting.JPG

Title or Position:

Paladin, Keeper of Elysium


"I love to talk with Heirophants." - Alexi


Alexi and Joanna Clark survived on Long Island while it was occupied by the Brood for years.

Alexi is incredibly loyal to Joanna Clark.

The Circle of the Crone is surprisingly fond of him.

Works sometimes on cars, but only turning hard-tops into convertibles.

Alexi was not always so friendly.

OOC Information

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Player Name Matt Blank

MES Number US2007039568

Location New York City