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Requiem PC

Player: Bryan Himebaugh
Character: Alexios
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Status: 2 City, 4 Covenant, 2 Clan
Domain: Phoenix
VST: Requiem VST

Elegance & Taste

  • Name: Alexios
  • Covenant: Circle of the Crone
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Bloodline: None Known
  • Positon: Seneschal and Hierophant of Phoenix, Arizona

Known Timeline



Recent History

This eccentric Lord had been in Phoenix for some time, however something drove him into a peaceful torpor. He often claims it was the luxurious heat that he was able to soak up in the desert. He awoke and immediately began to involve himself in the social decorum and policies of the Domain, arranging to have himself installed as Prince's Harpy.

After the recent Praxis change, he slid into the position of Seneschal - a very vocal one at that. It is a wonder how the Archbishop tolerates the Crone, with their previous history...

Family is Precious

So far, little is known of his family - he has expressed that he doesn't recall having any childer and will only refer to his sire as She. Whether or not this is a result of his long torpor, has yet to be revealed.

Within the Circle

Elsa White Flower
Sara Kuar
Evelyn Kuar
Noemi Palona
Jericho Anderson

Charms and Small Words

(Quotes - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • "With Alexios you always know where you stand. I rather like that." Evelyn Kuar
  • "My Requiem is made both brighter and dimmer with the arrival of this old friend. We have different roles as Fathers, and as Deities, and together we are unstoppable." - Sara Kuar
  • "I like speaking to him. I don't seem to put him off with my youth and I'm happy to see an aspect of what I can become." - Jericho Anderson
  • "When we began to see murderous eels in the canals, many kindred stopped going to the canals. I wonder if the awakening of Alexios means we will see kindred stop going to court." - Veronica Nelson
  • "He's funnier n Sara. He's also a cold blooded snake oil salesman, which is both point for n against him, and I think queer. Hard to tell with Acolytes." - Grasshopper


Harsh Harsh Words

(Rumors - Feel Free to Add Your Own)

  • He really is cold blooded. It's the real reason he moved to the desert, no heat makes him go all torporous just like his snakes.
  • He should have been a Carthian, what with his rebellious nature.
  • He is your best friend when he needs you.
  • He loathes the idea of Cruac - blood magic is too messy for the tidy Lord.

Out of Character

  • Player Name: Bryan Himebaugh
  • MES Number: US2005043360
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ