Alexis Brandt

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Known to Awakened Society

Birth Name: unknown
Shadow Name: Alexis Brandt
Sleeper Alias: Alexis Brandt
Cabal: Labrys
Offices: none
Quote: ...

Character Description

Alexis appears in her early 20s, is 5'6" tall, slender build with fair skin, brilliant red hair and soulful brown eyes. With winter upon us, she dresses for the season, her style simple and reminiscent of the French villages in the east. In warmer months, she prefers a simple cotton sun dress, broad brimmed straw hat, comfortable sandals made for walking, and perhaps a soft cardigan for the cool evenings. She speaks fluent French with a feint German accent.

Brief Background

She's been travelling the last couple of years, a walking tour heading south from Germany, through the east of France, stopping where she felt the need or desire. Along the way she's touched base with an occasional consilium, but never stayed long enough to make friends. Finally landing in Avignon in September 2013. She met what passes for the consilium at the birthday of Alouette, one of the councillors.



Not yet seen.

Friends and Enemies


Alexis ...

  • suffers horrible nightmares.
  • is running away from the law.
  • is running away from an overbearing family.
  • has medical/psychiatric skill, but no qualifications.
  • has memory holes she's forgotten about.
  • can't remember her real name.


From her ...

  • ...
  • ...

About her ...

  • "Smart, focused and friendly. I am glad to have met her and look forward to working with her." - Hood

OOC Character Information

Awakening PC

Player: Morte Oakley
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: none
Position: {{{position}}}
Consilium: Consilium of Provence
City: Avignon, France
Cabal: Labrys
VST: Hilary


Reminder, this is OOC Information unless you've learned it ICly.

  • Aug 1990: Born, Cologne Germany, as 'Abigail Dunst'.
  • Dec 2006: Awakens. A mentor finds her.
  • Becomes a Guardian at some point.
  • Oct 2011: Leaves Germany, walking south into France.
  • Aug 2013: Arrives in Avignon
  • Sep 2013: Attends Alouette's birthday, meets the locals.
  • Jul 2014: Forms cabal (Labrys) with Hood and Xavier Bastion


  • old friends with new twists
  • The Tarot's Fool: innocence stepping blindly into the unknown

Looking For

  • friends
  • teachers
  • anyone she may have met on her walk
  • great discovery role-play

OOC Player Information

Player: morte oakley
Location: Trade Winds

OOC Disclaimer

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This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.