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Alexis "Lexi" Lane

IC Information

Alexis Lane is a young, but very established Tremere in Dallas, Texas. She is a known deputy in Dallas due to her ability to gather information, both electronic and mundane. She tries to avoid much social contact, but is friendly if approached. It's also very common for her to have her nose in a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Notable Traits: Lexi appears young, though she is technically in her 30's, she still gets carded at any bar. She also is usually very east to spot in a room of kindred, as she tends to wear quite ostentatious clothing reminiscent of an 80's punk. Since the day she was named Seneschal, in April, she has been dressing more professionally and has adapted a more adult attitude. This is rumored to be due to mentoring from Prince Adams on Camarilla politics, lore, and general etiquette.


Titles: Seneschal of Dallas

Coteries/Societies: Alexis is a member of the Kindred Organization known as CamNET.

Status: Acknowledged, Noble, Honorable, Favored (x2)


Sire: Justin Welles


Artemis - hacker, known cyber thief

Tremere-Only Information

Rank: Apprentice of the 7th

House: Special Council for Blood Magic Registration and Regulation Enforcement (SCBMRRE); Monitor Branch

Common Knowledge

"Lexi" is known in Dallas as the eyes and ears of the Tremere, though she is very young she is well respected in her clan due to her enormous talent with technology.


  • Seriously, did you just call me a hacker? I'm offended, hackers wish they had my skills!
  • If you give a hacker a new toy, the first thing he'll do is take it apart to figure out how it works. I, however, already know.
  • No, Sheriff, I am not spying on you, I am spying on everyone.
  • If Lexi is the eyes of the city, I need to learn to hide better. - Moses Smith, Nos Elder
  • Internet Trolls are not an issue for me, shrinking bank accounts usually get their attention.
  • Elder Adams, I am afraid our worst fears are true, the Prince is really dead, these are his ashes... well most of them, some of them belong to his car.
  • Why are you so dressed up, aren't you usually more... Colorful?" - Ember "Yes, but we dress for the job we want" - Lexi

OOC Information

Contact me if you are interested in making ties. I am not a hugely active online player, but with Lexi I am trying to make more effort to be.

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Dallas, TX
Player: Debi Hodges
Storyteller: Chris Finseth