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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Houston, TX
Player: Jerimiah DuBois
Storyteller: Houston VTM VST

Character Information

Name: Alexis Levasseur

Clan: Brujah

Sire: Napoleon Lopez

Status: Acknowledged, Established, Revered

Title or Position: Primogen

Biographical Information

Known to Kindred Society

Alexis was born to a wealthy plantation family outside of New Orleans in 1749. He made his first appearance in New Orleans as a young business man in 1769 where he quickly became a regular part of New Orleans society thanks to his family name and a booming textiles company which made him quite the desired bachelor. In 1770, Alexis married the youngest daughter of a wealthy shipping family, and two years later the couple had a healthy male heir. Life was good for Alexis until tragedy struck in 1788 during the Great Fire of New Orleans, where his wife and young child were killed. Shortly after Alexis was further traumatized when a slave revolt on the plantation resulted in the murder of his entire immediate family, leaving him sole living heir to the family holdings and fortune. Record of Alexis Levasseur end in 1805 when he sold his holdings and presumably moved to Europe as the trail goes cold from this point.

Kindred society knows the story a little differently. Alexis was embraced in 1776 into Clan Brujah. He held a quiet presence in New Orleans from that point, mostly serving his sire and clan's needs by funding their endeavors from his significant purse. After the fire in 1788, Alexis slipped closer to the beast and by 1805 he left New Orleans behind him.

Rumor placed him in several different places after this, but by 1816 it was clear that Alexis had joined with the Pirate Jean Lafitte and established himself once more on Galveston while Lafitte held the island as his own. Though he seemed to disappear for a couple decades in the early part of the 1800's after Lafitte was driven from the island, Alexis resurfaced by the mid 1840's and remained a part of Galveston's Kindred population until the hurricane of 1900 devastated the island.

After the hurricane, Alexis surfaced in Houston, where he spent the next century establishing his base of power in the city. With the many changes the 20th century brought, Alexis was inspired for much of the century as he embraced technological miracles, social upheavals and an ever faster paced march of progress in a world so unlike the old. But with many defeats, the first of which began with the Anarch expulsion at the conclave of 1949, the passionate fire began to smolder in Alexis. By the 1980's Alexis became little more than a trouble making loud mouth, content to shake his fist and rattle the fence as the worst caricature of Brujah rebellion in an age of punk rock, biker gangs, and street crime. Few were surprised, and few still saddened, when Alexis drifted into obscure isolation by the end of the 1990's.

The first half of the new Millennium found Alexis isolated, insignificant, and jaded. He mostly stuck to his mortal interests, and wasted the nights away feeding his base impulses and desires, content to be left alone by Kindred society. In 2005 the city of New Orleans was devastated by hurricane Katrina, and for reasons unknown to most, this caused Alexis to wake up from his slothful self-imposed isolation. Since 2005, Alexis has been more involved in Kindred society, driven by an unknown agenda that spurs him into ruthless action regularly. Whatever lit the fire in him in 2005 seems to have done more than fan a spark, rather it has ignited a bon fire. One thing is certain, Kindred that have watched him since have to admit one thing, it is stupidity to underestimate the Brujah. Whatever game he is playing, it is fueled with the passion of his clan and he has no problem consuming those in his way.

Who is Alexis?

Alexis is not your typical Brujah. In fact, some say he lives more like a depraved Toreador than any Brujah they've met. From his posh upper Kirby penthouse to his expensive cars, designer clothes, and tendency to surround himself with the rich and beautiful wherever he goes, Alexis in the modern night seems to break the stereotypical mold. But once you break past the veneer, the heart of a Brujah is apparent and the status quo seems upheld once more. Alexis revels in what he is, and he tends to encourage others to do the same. While he acknowledges and adheres to Camarilla society and law, he doesn't miss an opportunity to shake it up where he can. The difference is, unlike the baseball bat wielding gang bangers popular in his clan, Alexis pushes the envelope in an uncomfortable way, twisting the law and traditions to reflect themselves in a light most Camarilla Kindred would rather ignore. He loves an opportunity to pick at hypocrisy, to needle at the wound of a kindred caught in their own web of scheming, or to dig up the ugly face of the slowly cracking monolith that is the Ivory Tower. Let the young scream and rage about oppression Alexis says, he'll just turn the system on itself until they realize change is inevitable lest the Camarilla crumble under it's own grip.


Grand Sire: Alabama Ben
* Sire: Napoleon Lopez
Alexis Levasseur

*** Childe: Liliane Idris
**** Grandchilde: Joseph Phibbs
***** Great Grandchilde: (NPC)
****** Great Great Grandchilde: Robert Middleton

*** Childe: Owen Miles

*** Childe: Pepper Levasseur
**** Grandchilde: Cinnamon Levasseur

Miscellaneous details

Club Wicked

Alexis owns a nightclub in Houston called Club Wicked, a gothic inspired cathedral turned nightclub in the heart of downtown. The nightclub is hugely popular, drawing a mix of the rave, industrial and goth crowds and packing the place full of drug filled, sex craved young mortals sweating the night away. Alexis reserves the upper rooms for Kindred and their pets, and enforces an Elysium-like peace upon his guests which has given the club a reputation as a neutral meeting place to conduct affairs.


  • Alexis' recent return to action was the result of diablerie and he is no longer himself, but rather the puppet skin of an elder.
  • Alexis is an Anarch

Quotes About Alexis

  • "I am familiar, and quite fond, I add, of his entire lineage, from his Sire down to his descendants. Yet....we've never actually met, and considering his reputation, this is a crime that must be corrected. Il Tempo ci dirà." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
    • "A correction at long last has been made. I can now count the entirety of this family known to me. And in many ways, Revered Alexis was saved as the best for last. When next this familia de Brujah gathers, beyond the rest of their Clan, I would be overjoyed to play host....and cover the expenses, and the insurance claims (whatever that is)." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • "I have actually grown quite fond of Alexis.... And do you think your opinion of him matters very much to me?" Overheard when someone asked Orelia Taipetra about Alexis
  • "Tough to do much better for a party in Houston than Club Wicked. Hit me up for party favors, I'll make sure Alexis gets his cut." Jack Rey
  • "I spent an evening at Alexis' took a bit to get used to, but I must say I truly enjoyed myself. Perhaps this is a telling precursor to my future relationship with the man himself." - Walter Rook
  • "Entirely too passionate. I fear the day his fire burns out and whom will fall in wake of that event." - The Broken
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OOC Information

Ties Sought

Open to ties, particularly historical ties to flesh out the background further. Enemies, Allies, Childer, etc. feel free to contact me.

Character Inspiration

Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries


Eric Northman from True Blood

Character Soundtrack

"Down with the Sickness" Disturbed
"Change (In the House of Flies" Deftones
"mOBSCENE" Marilyn Manson
"Redeemer" Marilyn Manson

Player: Jerimiah DuBois

MES Number: US2007019313

Location: Houston, TX