Alfred Fairfax St. John

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Vampire PC

Player: Jon Hesley
Character: Alfred Fairfax St. John
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Territory: Arlington Baptist College
City Status Fort Worth: oo
Cadence: oo
Covenant Status: oo
Clan Status: oo
VST: Katie Henderson

Character Information

Name: Alfred Fairfax St. John

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Clan: Mekhet

OOC Information

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Player: Jon Kenneth Augustine Hesley

MES Number: US2009094694

Location: DFW, Texas South Central Region (PC Location Westward Haven - Arlington, Texas)

Membership Class MC 8

Office(s) Mage VST Fort Worth


  • Great Grand Sire: Unknown Kindred Male - NPC
  • Grand Sire: Dr. Henry Weeks - NPC
  • Sire: Unknown Male Kindred - NPC

Character History

“Please come in. You were expected. I am normally not here in my office at this hour, as I prefer time in the library. My assistant Ms. Parks informed you of your inquiry on my paper discussing the nature of systematic methodology. I regret that Flinders beat me to the punch, as it were, but there are similarities in our work. I am not interested in accusing him of plagiarism, as that would be crass, but I take comfort that those who know understand my position on the body of work. I am considering a trip to Luxor over the summer. It saddens me that biblical archaeology seems to still dominate the field. I look forward to the day when it will not any more."

“ is not my research you are interested? You wanted to know how I came here to England and fell into this field of study? Well, my father and maternal grandfather served together in the West African Squadron. My father, a ship's doctor, saved my grandfather's life. As a result, which is a longer story, my father and mother were married at the end of the tour. Eventually, my father would continue his service as a military doctor, and moved our family to the Indian wars. He worked hard, but realized that it was not place for a family. He sent me, my sister, and our mother to here in England to study. Here we stayed. He died on the frontier during a raid. The letter from General Tarrant stated that my father died with honor coming to the defense of others. My father earned a reputation as he treated Indian and American both when they were wounded. I still have the letter. I had it framed for posterity. There it is, over there, on the wall.”

“Eventually my sister would return to America seeking a husband. She moved back to Texas with her husband, derisively called a carpetbagger, during Reconstruction. I believe that the friendship of The Tarrant family and of course my father's reputation saved her and her husband from the dark times that followed. I chose to stay here. The libraries of America lack depth, and I always felt like Diogenes with his lamp, only I was looking for a scholar rather than an honest man.

I digress a bit, of course. But I stayed here and continued my studies. I have begun to consider several ties between various gods of the grave of Rome and other gods of the grave for other societies. One must consider that these ancient cultures had much connection, and as such developed several similar rituals. This is what I would like to study, and become the foremost authority on.

How does this relate to The Cult of Libitina? I.....I ah............ah.......did not know that you knew of my association with that organisation. Oh, you are a member as well. I had not recognized you, but then again several of us do wear masques? Which one are you? Ah, the blue and black one.....fascinating choice that. Well, I am sorry that I did miss that Proto-Egyptian ceremony held a few weeks ago. I had wanted to go, but I had developed a terrible cough and felt my presence would have been more of a distraction than a boon for our company.”

“What do you mean, something happened?.............Is that the real reason you came to see me? Well I appreciate the compliment and faith in my knowledge. Tell me, in detail, what happened................

(After some time)

I see. Well, my first guess is that in the process of this ritual you had copied some element of the Spell of Life. The mystical energy could not go into the corpse of the funeral rite, so it instead went to the nearest source -being you, as you were the other focus present in the ritual.

I will need to do more research of course. Perhaps we should continue this conversation in earnest..............


Georgina Godfrey


  • There is a rumor going around that he and Georgina Godfrey are enemies.
  • If Georgina truly has a husband, Alfred is the most probable candidate.