Alfred Hutchins

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Requiem PC

Player: Mark H.
Character: Alfred Hutchins
Clan: Nosferatu ●●
Bloodline: Lygos
Covenant: Unaligned
City: Chicago,_IL_Requiem ●●●●
DST: Chicago Requiem DST

Character Information

Name: Alfie
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Unaligned


Alfie was Acknowledged as a citizen of Chicago in 1968.

...He doesn't get out much.

Among the Nosferatu

  • Alfie is a regular inhabitant of the Black City Necropolis. With his diligence and apparent comfort with being submerged for long periods of time, he's worked to establish a complex series of pools to make a lavish Caldarium.
  • Alfie wanders the tunnels in the nude, uncaring of the grime and filth. At least he's not ruining any clothes.

Notable Traits

  • Alfie leaks a black, oily ichor from his nose, mouth, and eyes. It stains, and smells of equal parts storm drain and gym sock.
  • During gatherings of the city, Alfie is polite enough to put on clothes.
  • Seems a bit more sensitive to light than your average vampire.


  • "Alfie exemplifies the line between 'trustworthy' and 'reliable'." - Lord Quinn
  • "Sometimes, we create social rules and etiquette to make ourselves, and others, more comfortable. Alfie reminds me that sometimes, those rules make others just as uncomfortable as the lack of such graces make me. He reminds me that at the end of the night we are all monsters pretending to be human." - Simone
  • "When I first heard about him devouring flesh, I thought perhaps that he was compelled to do so. The more I get to know of him, the more I'm convinced he just likes the taste." - Wei Rivera
  • "Direct and honest, and completely unashamed of who and what he is. As difficult as my conversations with him have been, I know I could take a lesson from him." - Ellen Doyle
  • "He knows things." - Luca
  • "Honestly I can't tell if he's kinda nosy, or if I just feel that way because he's even creepier than your average Nos. He makes me nervous, which is kinda silly after all the shit I've seen and done in the last six months." - Daniel D. Lyons
  • "He's difficult. Disgusting. Impossible to speak to really; and yet he is in many ways a perfect kindred. He is social (to a point), he waits and watches patiently, he never gets in trouble (or at least never gets caught), I cannot think of another kindred I can say that of. Still, trying to talk to him, I have to quell the urge to be sick every time." - Joe Czalk
  • "I actually think I trust him, which makes him the most disconcerting kindred in the city." -Jude Alexander
  • "He always startles me. I never expect him." - Anahita
  • "Dude keeps smellin' me. 'S weird." - Gary
  • "He is an exemplary haunt" - Gus
  • "It's not that I... pity Mr. Alfie. I just don't understand how someone could feel... comfortable with the conditions in which he puts himself. I suppose there is a great diversity among the Kindred." - Jean-Pierre Beauchamp
  • "Having the patience to listen and to seek clarification for a better understanding are excellent and desired traits for kindred of quality. Alfie has shown himself to be proper example of such." - Dr. Hal Fischer
  • "Interesting. I hold no envy for the difficult job that he holds. I do, however, hold great respect for those strong enough to carry such a burden, for the betterment of us all. It takes courage and fortitude, and those traits are always to be admired." - Aidan Clarke
  • "I find Alfie's concern for me... puzzling... I need to know more." W@tch3r


  • He was a pool boy when he was mortal, and his embrace occurred after the husband of his employer caught them in the pool house. It wasn't pretty.
  • Alfie eats people - flesh and all.
  • Alfie's ichor cures cancer.
  • Alfie's ichor tastes like lemon meringue, and causes mild hallucinations. Yes, even to him.
  • Alfie remembers every conversation he has ever had, word for word, including those before his Embrace.
  • Alfie's condition is a result of a very bad bargain with a very bad... something.



OOC Information

Player Name: Mark H.

MES Number: US2006017196

Location: Chicago,_IL_Requiem