Ali Kiercel "Firebreak"

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Character Information

Full Name: Ali Kiercel, Firebreak, Tiger's Heart. Among Stargazers she is Kahili Gryphonflight.

Nicknames: Ali

Age: Ali is in her mid-20s but her tendency towards exuberance and excitement makes it very easy to assume she's younger.

Tribe: Stargazer

Rank: Athro

Auspice: Ahroun



Notable Traits: If her back can ever be seen, such as in lupus form when clothes are gone, her back is a mass of burn scars and melted, healed flesh. Overlayed and following the lines of the worst of the scarring is a thin, tribal-art tattoo of a gryphon with the beak and head at the neck, wings going down the back of her arms, and tail and hind feathers over her lower back and buttocks. The tattoo has a fascinating incorporation of tiger stripes and the skin seems faintly paler, as if to accent the dark marks.

Appearance: In her native homid form, Ali tends towards typical college student clothes- jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, nothing special. In lupus, she has a softish look, not quite as domesticated and cuddly as a Child of Gaia but bringing that tribe to mind more than her own tribe; her fur tends towards buff and black where there is fur. In all forms, her back is an unmistakable mess of burn scars.

Personality: Ali is easily cheerful, easily excitable, and practically wears her heart on her sleeve. She tries very hard to not offend and not impose, always extremely aware of the precarious relations between her tribe and the Nation and attempting to overcome the ill will- with sheer force of sunshine personality.


  • Father: James Kiercel, Child of Gaia Ragabash Homid
  • Mother: Susan Kiercel (maiden name Huang), lost Stargazer kinfolk

Information Known to the Nation at Large

Ali has not yet distinguished herself enough to the Nation to stand out.



  • "Young, but promising. She needs to find the center of her Rage. It is her strongest weapon in battle, and it is never to soon to learn how best to wield it." - Forges-Fury
  • "The firstbest thing I ever learned about her was she was an excellent Go player. I have since learned she is an amazingly versatile and valuable sister. I am lucky to have her at my back." - Demetra Papavasiliou
  • "Ali? She's almost as curious as I am, and that's saying something. Doubly impressive coming from a Wolf." - Rae
  • "Ali? One of my best students, she's serious and dedicated. Watching her is like looking into a mirror in many ways. " Jericho Windstorm
  • "There are stars in her eyes, and the fire burns in her soul, cool and pure as starlight at dusk. She climbs the mountain, and she understands that the climbing is everything." James Redleaf



  • It's said there's a reason she isn't East with the bulk of her tribe, and it involves a glass of red wine, a very expensive kimono, an old man, and a moment of clumsiness.
  • It's said she got kicked out of a monastery for not being able to calm down in her early engagements with her tribe.
  • Rumored to be pen pals with a Fera since a very young age. Who this Fera is, or what kind, is unknown.


OOC Information

Apocalypse PC

Player: Christie C.
Character: Ali Kiercel, Kahili Gryphonflight, Firebreak

Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Stargazer
Breed: Homid
Rank: Athro

Glory: 12
Honor: 7
Wisdom: 7
VST: Chad K.

Player: Christie C.

Camarilla Number: US2002023779

Location: Atlanta, Georgia