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Player: Amy Ivancic
Character: Alice Mason
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Status: Vancouver - ●●
Circle of the Crone - ●●●
Clan Daeva - ●
Domain: Vancouver, BC - Requiem
VST: William Smith

Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
But don't make me your enemy.
So you wanna play with magic?
Boy you should know what you're falling for.

Character Information

Name: Alice Mason

Clan: Daeva

Covenant: High Priestess of Vancouver's Circle of the Crone


City of Vancouver - ●●
Circle of the Crone - ●●●
Clan Daeva - ●


Harpy of Vancouver
High Priestess of the Circle of the Crone (Vancouver)

Notable Traits:
Striking Looks ●●●●
Often sports a very 60s inspired look for her red-brown hair
Always seen in a dress and heels of some sort or another


- Elegant, sensual and reasonably calm, Alice is a contemplative sort of woman who enjoys a girlish giggle now and then. She isn't opposed to offering advice, and at times can come across very quiet as she observes situations - to the point that at times she almost goes unnoticed. When clearly engaged in a conversation, however, you'll find few people as attentive as Alice.

Portrait Alice1.jpeg

Known History

- Arrived to Vancouver from somewhere in the interior of British Columbia in June of 2013.
- Acknowledged in the city of Vancouver in July of 2013.
- Granted Recognition in the city of Vancouver in October of 2013 for deeds related to a certain smuggling operation uncovered in the city.
- Granted the Recognized status in the Circle of the Crone in January of 2014.
- Granted the Valued in the Circle of the Crone in March of 2014.
- Participated in the Rex Nemorensis's ritual in March of 2014.

Known Associates

The Oracle of the West: Whether it's because of the Oracle himself or because of his dogs is unknown, but Alice does seem to stick close to him.
Mae Sultan: Alice seems to quite enjoy chatting with the Sheriff, and does so when given opportunity.
Ayame Takahashi: The two would, to observers, seem like partners in crime. If it weren't for the fact that neither woman seems prone to crimes beyond beauty.
Johnathan Dumont (NPC): ... there is a rather clear something happening here between the Invictus, Ayame Takahashi and Alice.



Quotes from Alice

  • "Would you like some tea?" - her cheeky retort to the Oracle of the West upon learning one of her rituals.
  • "... and that's what he did to my face!" - her persistent outrage at the damage someone incurred to her.

Quotes about Alice

  • "The void of her former atheism has realized its Hunger and drunk in the Goddess's dark Majesty, allowing it to fill her. One day when the Oracle of the West is but a shadowed memory in Her Eyes, there shall remain Alice, and the student shall become the master. Or mistress. She definitely strikes me as the type to go by 'Mistress'." - The Oracle of the West
  • "Alice has seen me at my worst, yet still approaches me with kindness. Even though it came as a result of what some shlekht Nosferatu did to children, I should not have lost control. There is incredible strength behind her beauty, and I have no doubt she will succeed in her chosen path." Oma


Dark Horse - Katy Perry

OOC Information

Player Name Amy Ivancic

CAM Number CA2013070104

Location Vancouver, BC