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Who watches the watchers?

#! Character Information

@group Basics

full_name="Alice Judith Covington"
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  • Acknowledged in the Camarilla
  • Favored by Harpy Arden of San Francisco, CA
  • Favored by Prince Aleistor Rukh of Sacramento, CA
  • Favored by Elder Mors of Clan Nosferatu
  • Favored by Elder Mihail bin Kosta of Clan Tremere
  • Victorious via a Symbel held by Elder Mors


  • Admin of CamNET
  • Talon of the Harpy of San Francisco
  • Apprentice of the 5th Circle of Mysteries (Tremere-Only)


haven="Chantry of San Francisco, CA"


@group Appearance

She stands only 5'0" with straight hair that has been dyed hot pink. Her dress is characteristic of 80s and 90s casual—Doc Martens or converse, t-shirts with bands or tech jargon on them, high-waisted jeans, etc. It is very rare to see her in a dress, and in fact has been known to ask for boons when she's required to wear one. (Besides, the only one she actually owns is a Star Trek uniform.) She sometimes wears her Glass Pyramid pin, among other tech-related pins. She also has a tattoo of a mouse cursor on the index finger of her right hand.

@group Personality

Abrasive, highly technical, sometimes condescending and definitely not a fan of authority in any form, Alice can be quite difficult to work with. (It is ironic she was embraced Tremere, no?) However she is extremely adept at what she does and her skills come in very handy. Need help in finding difficult-to-come-by information? With infiltrating anything "secure"? With surveilling? Anything computer-related? She'll talk your ears off without ever stopping for breath or to offer a layman's explanation.

@group Quotes

  • "A quiet, studious young lady. I thought her very retiring until the subject of technology was raised. Then her smile lit the room, and she went on at length and in great detail about things I couldn't begin to comprehend. It was really quite delightful."Captain Sawyer
  • "Do not let her attitude cause you to underestimate Ms. Covington. I speak with no exaggeration when I say that the technological sorcery she employs could be used to utterly destroy us, or to usher in a new age of Kindred prosperity. I hope she and the rest of her clan use it wisely." - Mors
  • "I understand she is quite capable with those machines of hers. I don't pretend to understand what she goes on about one bit, but she sure can get around those things."Zachariah White
  • "While I do not claim to understand her work or her studies, something she seems to delight in, I do see the girl behind the glowing screen. She is studious and dedicated, but bears the mark of one who has been mistreated and misunderstood by her Elders. I hope in time she comes to see not all will treat her as an outcast for her knowledge, and will find peace with those who seek to guide her to greater heights." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "I believe In the future of kindred, I believe that each clan changes and grows with each decade. Some clans grow their wealth, some grow their vast collections of secrets, and some just grow in strength but Clan Tremere? we evolve, growing would be to simple. Alice is a embodiment of this, She will be a indispensable asset as our journey into the future continues and the clan is lucky to have her." - Alister MacArthur
  • "The toothsome mountain purchases the test." - "Charlie"
  • "She does some weird sort of sorcery with technology. The concept completely escapes me, but she's on it... Whatever it is." - Soleil Savant
  • "Ms. Covington is quite skilled though we differ on how to look into things. She excels at data collection, while I am better at analysis. Alone we generate amazing results, but together it is a sight to see. It is shame that such is a rare occurrence." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "She has the personality of a cinder block and talks to me like I'm wasting her time, but otherwise she's a real treat. Oh, and she's probably listening in right now through our wrist watches. --Hi, Alice. How's the sound? Love ya." - Occam
  • "I was told that should my computer ever break, she is both PC and MAC friendly." - Charlotte Mikaelson
  • "She is quite the firecracker and I'm willing to bet in the coming years she will be quite a force to reckon with. I am eager to watch the impending show." - Violette de Leoncourt
  • "reckon she'd be mint on the dance floor but i dont think she gets out much if u no what i mean." - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "You'd think we wouldn't get along and have absolutely nothing in common, and yet..." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Objectively she's a very talented coder, but she mistakes service for obedience. She's actually very dangerous. Information is just a thing, it doesn't have feelings and it certainly doesn't deserve anything. She'll make a great Anarch some day." - Trevor Rodgers

@group Rumors

  • She seems to have some sort of relationship with Anon. A close one.
  • She is truly running Clan Tremere in San Francisco and the rest are so ignorant of technology they don't even know it.
  • She records all conversations and data transmitted via electronic devices within several meters of where she stands.
  • Her Sire, Cliff Menderson used to have her under his thumb. I don't have to tell you how much she chafes at being bossed around, do I? Well, back in the 90s, Occam and her get friendly, and, well... When is the last time anyone's heard from Cliff? Interesting, n'est pas?
  • She's the force behind the satirical "Entitled Tech Worker" Twitter account
  • Has an algorithm to decipher "Charlie speak"
  • Was a founding member of the hacker groups Masters of Deception (MOD)and Legion of Doom (LOD). She incited the great hacker war of 1990 between these groups for her own entertainment. Later she outed certain members to government agents due to her distaste for the use of racist language during the third event of the war.
  • The real reason for her negative status was because she would not please Occam. He wanted sexual favors. She offered him batteries.
  • She is actually a ginger.
  • She uses Google buses for surveillance.
  • Apparently, her patronus is Honey Badger.

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!# Player Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Erica Schoonmaker
Storyteller: Donavon Forester

Player: Erica Schoonmaker

MES Number: US2012030072

Location: San Francisco, CA

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