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Dotalice.png1894 — Mittelfranken (Nuremberg) Germany
Dotalice.png1852 — New Oleans, La
Dotalice.png1871 — Omaha, Ne
Dotalice.png1889 — Tulsa, Ok

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Alice was born in Germany, the daughter of a Lutheran Minister. Her Mother died when she was young leaving her father to raise her. Her father was assigned to a Church in New Orleans. Much to her father's dismay she became obsessed with her families folk tales and other tales in the new world. New Orleans was a wonder to little Alice. He father found another position and moved them to Omaha. He was hoping this would curb her interest in folk lore.
Alice1.jpeg As Alice got older she grew more defiant of her father. She started sneaking out of the house. She wanted to know what was out in the world and not just from the books in her library. The few times out she found adventure but one night almost cost her her life. She barely made it home and decided that it would be the end of her adventuring. She settled into a quiet life as the minister's daughter and her love of books led her to a teaching. She was very content with her life until her father died.

Being an unmarried woman the church allowed her to stay in the parish home. She decides she must find a husband and starts meeting possible suitors. It would be one of these suitors that would lead to her being embraced.

Her sire's embrace of her was done quickly because she was dying of a gun shot wound. He took her away from where she lived , placing her with an Au Pair. She learned about kindred society from him and when she was ready to be released her sire came back for her. She traveled with him and met her kindred family, with whom she grew close to.

These nights she spends in her chosen home of Tulsa and is a prominent member of the Carthian movement. As the current Keeper of Elysium in Tulsa, Ok she makes sure Elysium is sacrosanct. She travels to visit her family and friends often.

She is the known Childe of Renard Belmont. Was under the tutelage of Alder Au Pair Lief Ragnarsen and to his dismay she chose the Carthian Movement as her covenant rather than the Invictus. She is very close to those of her family in House Chevalier.

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Dotalice.png "My dear, sweet Alice. Always wanting to plunge down the rabbit hole and was prone to calling me the Mad Hatter. She holds a cherished place in my Requiem, as all my students do."Lief Ragnarsen
Dotalice.png "Alice is my buddy. She's a blast and a half, and I'm sure we can get into some incredible mischief together in the future."Joan Black
Dotalice.png "Oh I have a developing fondness for this girl. She will go far, and she will take the crown."Sara Kuar
Dotalice.png "You fuck with her, you get fucked with."Jackson Slade
Dotalice.png "If I had known her before my sire might have had a lot more trouble with me, but I do not regret knowing her now, she certainly makes things much more interesting!" - Dame Davenshire
Dotalice.png "She breathes a fresh air of life into the Requiem and I am very thankful to call her my grandchilde."Celeste Chevalier
Dotalice.png "Why yes, I am very familiar with the lineage of that woman. You could say that I find her enticing and one of the few of her line I can stand." - Jessie White

Alice Grimm

Player: Crystal Remy
Venue: Requiem
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Domain: OK-008-D
VST: Will Laymance

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Music Inspirations:

~Dark Horse by Katy Perry
~Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson
~Bitch by Meredith Brooks
~Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
~Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain
~Run the World by Beyonce
~So What by Pink
~White Rabbit by Emiliana Torrini

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