Alistair Aza'zel Crowley - General

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Details Known to Kindred Society

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Clan: Gangrel

Generation: Elder

Office: None

Sect: Camarilla

Location: Presque Isle, Me

Status: Acknowledged, Loyal

Notable Traits: Alistair appears as a towering younger man in his early twentys. Adorned with the accoutrements of his gang garb which consist of: a skull mask along with a leather jacket.

Born: April 9th 1949 - Rochford, South Dakota

Embraced: Last Week of June 1976 - Mystic, South Dakota

AKA: Reaper, Eldest, Mr. Crowley, Avatar of Slaughter

Timeline for OOC Purposes ONLY

1949 - 1976 - Mortal Life, worked as a mechanic/handyman around Rochford

1976 - 1980 - Under the tutelage of Ancilla Siegfried Lagash. Also formed the cotierie of The Brotherhood of Stone.

1980 - 1985 - Formed a gang with the coterie as its head. Gang name "Brotherhood of the Apocalypse"

1986 - 1991 - Fought accross the United states hunting Sabbot

1991 - 2000 - Followed Rummors of the pack that killed his family, hunting from the coast of california all the way to the east coast of florida.

2001 - 2002 - Caught up with the pack and eliminated half of them in Myrtle Beach, SC.

2002 - 2016 - Hunting the final 6 members of the pack that killed his parrents, they have sence moved into the Presque Isle, ME area.