Alistair FitzWilliam

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Phil Ozlin
Storyteller: Geoff Van Ess

Then it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, 'ow's yer soul"?
But it's "Thin red line of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll...

For the Tower


  • Acknowledged by Prince Haldane of Phoenix
  • Established as an Elder of Clan Toreador
  • Venerated as an Elder of Clan Toreador
  • Whipped by Charlotte Farnsworth, Harpy of Phoenix

For the Rose

Clique: Novateurs
Art: Metalworking (Craft x3)


House von Daun Coat of Arms

Lineage: Haus Von Daun
Sire: Viveka Josephina Von Daun
Broodmates: Clé deMontes
Childer: None Known


The Compass Rose

AlistairFitzWilliam CompassRose.jpg

Ardet nec consumitur
"Burned but not consumed" were the words Alistair chose when forging a band of younger Kindred into a posse to hunt down Sabbat across the Western United States, and how apt those words have proven to be. The effort has cost the lives of many of those who joined him to the point where the names on the Wall of Honor that Alistair keeps far outnumber the members of the band at any given time, and despite the necessity, paying the blood cost of protecting the Ivory Tower over and over again has slowly but steadily ground away at his humanity.

Alistair provides those who join the group with small bronze badges bearing the symbol of the Compass Rose. Those who have been seen to bear it in recent years include Gage Creed of Clan Gangrel, Rian O'Keef of Clan Gangrel, Scarlet of Clan Malkavian, Jack Effingham III of Clan Toreador, and Simon of Clan Nosferatu.


  • "Alistair has some rather odds views for an Elder of the Camarilla. I shall be watching him for when those views become seditious." - Rain
  • "I wonder if he notices how much his clanmates seem to dislike and distrust him at times. Why is that, do you think?" - Jennifer Love
  • "He's my Uncle." said with a shrug, by Raina Star Von Daun, "He's family."
  • "In my long experience with Mr. FitzWilliam I’ve learned that he likes to plays chess, and you don't find out till too late that he's been playing with two queens all along." Anna Russell
  • "I'm sure he's quite charming, personally I think I'll stay across the room from 'im." - Brigitte
  • "Alistair is a rarity among Kindred, what many claim to be yet few ever achieve in truth. A man with the courage of his convictions, and the Will to protect that which he holds to be most important not only to himself but the Ivory Tower as a whole. All of this, and without thought of recompense or recognition, and heedless of the personal cost when others use his deeds as an opportunity to play politics and advance their own agendas, even as he protects their Domains and very lives from our enemies who strike from the shadows." - Julian Marcus Haldane
  • "Be still my dead unbeating heart. A Toreador with taste in fashion that isn't nouveau, isn't all black, and isn't trash? Ha. Now as long as he can deal with that touch of... possessiveness this bodes very well." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "After having the opportunity to observe him amid a formidable altercation, I feel I understand him just a little bit better. Or perhaps it was just because his Von Daun was showing." - Sofie Renner


  • He has had a passionate love affair with Anna Russell.
  • Not all Kindred who bear the Compass Rose are members of the group, and not all members of the Compass Rose bear pins.