Alistair Montgomery Douglas Dunsirn

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All trade is a compromise,

Else all things would be free.

The price is what the buyer,

not the seller, will agree.

(See Rule 32).

Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Ian Thompson
Character: "Monty" Douglas Dunsirn
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
Position: Don of the London Giovanni
Status: None in Camarilla
Domain: London, England
VST: Craig Chapman

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent
City: London, UK
Player: Ian Thompson
Storyteller: Craig Chapman

Character Information

Name: "Monty" (Alistair Montgomery) Douglas Dunsirn

Clan: Giovanni (Dunsirn)


  • ...

Information Known by Kindred Society

Now in London, "Monty" Douglas Dunsirn was a long-time resident of Edinburgh, well-known for his financial and stock market wrangling skills. Since moving to London in 2010, he has established himself in the financial capital of the UK, but still has ties to Edinburgh that draw him back regularly. His recently been motivated to move to London, to support Giovanni concerns there. With Scotland potentially seeking to leave the United Kingdom, the financial hub of London is suddenly much more interesting.

This financier works in all aspects of stocks, bonds, and other trading markets, seeking advantage in making the right deal at the right time. Becoming particularly successful in the 20th century (although there was a brief dip in the 70's), Monty doesn't hold his money back when spending it on himself, but always is ready give assistance - in exchange for something.

In appearance, he has greying black hair, looks in his mid-forties, and stands a tall 6'1. He (usually) wears a dark grey pinstriped suit, including waistcoat, and a bright white shirt, flashed with a brightly coloured tie that varies in colour choice, and his platinum watch chain, ring, and sometimes his rosary, which he draws out of his pocket regularly. He has a distinct Edinburgh accent and no intention of losing it.

Monty was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, around the mid-1700's. A financier and stocks and bonds trader since before economics was a science, he works by reputation, and only for a price. His faith he says nothing of, but openly carries a rosary at all times from which people have made their own conclusions. As a ghoul, he set up the company which he now owns and leads, and which has now become a silent partner and investor in many successful businesses, as well as holding and managing a number of large investment portfolios. As such, he can make money appear and disappear without an unwanted trace, and on occasion affects the course of business in London. His strict personal rules are something he doesn't discuss at any length, but his attitude of honouring agreements is one that maintains his reputation amongst Independent and Camarilla alike.

He has visited Venice, most notably during the '72 Conclave, but his focus on his work has mainly kept him in Edinburgh for the past 200 years. His move to London has made people curious as to his motives. Most point to the fact that his recent Childe, Marshall Cartwright Milliner III - with whom he seems more than close - seems to be attracted to the possibilities in London - or, as one wit put it: "Marshall seems to gravitate toward the capital, whilst Uncle Monty gravitates toward capital itself."

To the few mortals that see him, outside of his extended family, he's known as "Monterey Douglas", inheritor of Douglas and Douglas, and considered an insightful, devious, and shark-like SOB - although some of that's probably exaggeration.


  • Has a set of rules he follows - and they're numbered. Somewhere, there's a Nosferatu with a list.
  • Scotland is where his heart is ...
  • He has suggested, if cooking people, add rosemary ...


  • "Dependable and honorable. A shame about the childe; some people really do enjoy a challenge, though, and this one will certainly occupy his evenings for years to come." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "My few flaws are quite made up for in my childe Monty, he is without a doubt a great point of pride for me, although I did question his choice in embracing his own childe, I have come to find that even that seems to have had more wisdom in it then I had previously thought it might." -- Ewan Dunsirn
  • "Delcious, Alistair, best pork I've tasted since I had a pulse! What is that, rosemary?" -Frankie Giovanni
  • "He smells like a Dunsirn. They always smell of Rosemary" -Mab
  • "Monty is a bit stuffy, but a proper gentlemen. They just don't train men like they used to" - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "Monty has his hands full with that Childe of his. But if anyone can reign Marshall in, it would be Monty." Gregori Giovanni
  • "Of course they are the low arts. Your people even have a song about it." - Philocrates
  • "How can a man so slender eat that much? Where the fuck does he put it?" - Eva Giovanni


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OOC Information

Player: Ian Thompson

Membership Number: UK0407-3152

Location: London, UK (Meridian Domain)