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Deceased Alister MacAthur

Alexander 2.jpg Glasgow 1865

Known by Cam1.jpg

Name: Deceased Alister MacArthur

Clan: Tremere

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 1899

Generation: Ancilla

Notable Traits: Alister speaks with a soft Scottish accent and is excessively formal in even casual company. A large scar crosses over his left eye with a smaller one on the far side of his brow, his left eye is a pale milky white similar to what a cataract would look like. The eye moves and follows with his vision, but if he can see out of it is not known. When in a room Alister's eye never stays one place long, he is always gathering his surroundings.


Alister is a Apprentice of the Seventh Circle. He has ascended to this rank from A3 in the past 5 years, his dedication to house and clan is strong, but it is noted that he does follows the camarilla by laws above all else. Most of the last century was spent in service of the clan in Vienna as a low level apprentice fledgling, Alister was passed over for promotion and assignments more times then he can count because of his unappealing connection to his now deceased sire Lucius Black. Even with this disadvantage, his loyalty to clan and house still never waned. With the patience of Jobb, he restlessly studied and excelled, finally leaving the chantry in 2002 and immediately assigned to a very dangerous assignment in Milan. In 2005 his work in Milan seemed to be at its end, he was sent to San Francisco to assist Regent Viktor Cantemir with creating a stronger loyal Tremere Presence in the city. Center Alex Dot.jpgThe Glass Pyramid: Alister joined this group in 2005 with a recommendation from Viktor Cantemir. As a Member, Alister's unfortunate embrace no longer holds him back among his clan as it has in his past.

Alex Dot.jpgViktor Cantemir: The Elder of his clan in San Francisco.

Alex Dot.jpg"Charlie": Alister and "Charlie" share very few similarities, but they have a strong friendship that transcends the traditional bounds of friendship.

Alex Dot.jpgDeAnna Eldritch: Although her pet name for him is "Wet Blanket" Alister considers her safety a high priority, not only because she can be a bit of a diva but because she brings him a sense of necessity.

Alex Dot.jpgTamerlane: Tam Elder of clan Brujah inspired Alister to become Sheriff and pushed him to train his abilities beyond just satisfactory standards. Center (Please feel free to add quotes about Alister by clicking here.)

Alex Dot.jpg"The voice revitalizes the old-fashioned time. Meat sky enters the popsicle from inside the puppy!""Charlie"

Alex Dot.jpg "My gracious, where have all these dapper, exquisite Tremere been hiding all my life? I was so taken by his capability, and won over by his subtle charm."Ligeia Loxley

Alex Dot.jpg "Whenever I need evidence of the bright future that awaits House and Clan, I look to Alister MacArthur. I can think of no more eloquent proof that excellence of character can and should overcome any disadvantage of lineage."Captain Sawyer

Alex Dot.jpg "I don't judge a man based on his lineage, I judge him based on his merits, and here stands a man that I respect."Zachariah White

Alex Dot.jpg "To those that have overlooked this man they missed his loyalty, ingenuity, and tenacity. Their loss has been San Francisco's gain, and his service to the Camarilla is a model to us all."Viktor Cantemir

Alex Dot.jpg "If you want something done right, fast, and in style, you go to Alister. A rogue ghoul needs to disappear? Alister. Paperwork? Alister. Uh, I wouldn't ask him for a sandwich or anything like that, but I'm sure he'd make an awesome sandwich."Soleil Savant

Alex Dot.jpg "That MacArthur. Let me tell you, if you asked me what's sharper, his mind or his sense of style, I'd have to say, who gives a fuck, long as he's my Sheriff." -Prince Occam

Alex Dot.jpg "Alister MacArthur is in many ways a prodigal son of Clan Tremere, in that he is remarkably effective and considerate without 'appearing' dastardly. I have seen Sheriff before that were terrifying to behold in their power, but Alister I think will be terrifying to behold in his reservation of power, and soon."Arden

Alex Dot.jpg "His is a prodigious talent, but greater still is this: his is a prodigious heart."Tamerlane

Alex Dot.jpg "He is always courteous. But his eye really is a bit creepy"Charlotte Mikaelson

Alex Dot.jpg "..."Dieci

Alex Dot.jpg "He is a man who seems devoted to the care and protection of a city very near and dear to my heart. It is one of the few things I know of him, while it might not seem like much it goes quite a ways towards a favorable first impression."Mina Chandler

Alex Dot.jpg "I'm consistently impressed by his ability to maintain decorum even when I try really hard to break it. It's like he's wearing some sort of Faux Pas Deflector. I wonder if they actually make those..."Alexis Godot

Alex Dot.jpg "So like, when I first met this guy he was like, the biggest wet blanket ever. Now, not so much. I mean, not really."DeAnna Eldritch

Alex Dot.jpg "MacArthur, He's your typical ask questions first type of Sheriff. Now ask me if I find that tactic effective."David Heath

Alex Dot.jpg "Alister? Who is...oh! You mean that Tremere with the weird eye? Yeah, I remember him. Scottish, creepy...yeah, that's him in spades. I'll tell you what, though...creepy eye or not, he is a man I do NOT want to get on the bad side of."Amalia Iliescu

Alex Dot.jpg "Deeds rather than words are what truly defines a person. I think Mr. MacArthur's poise and deeds speak volumes and he is a credit to society as a whole."David Daniel Steiner

Alex Dot.jpg "Alister is a talented Sheriff, a gracious and forgiving guest, and a friend I am glad to have had the luck to have acquired."Gawain Croy

Alex Dot.jpg "Insert Quote Here"Your Name Here


Alex Dot.jpg The Bond villain Le Chiffre, was inspired by a masquerade breach involving Alister and a Sabbat Lasombra in a casino.

Alex Dot.jpg Alister's scar comes from a duel with a bear when he was mortal.

Alex Dot.jpg Alister has a thing for gothy Toreador girls

Alex Dot.jpg A talent agent once convinced Alister to do voice acting, his only ever performance is the voice of Wolverine in Pryde of the X-Men pilot.

Alex Dot.jpg Alister's eye was taken from him as a punishment for failing in his duties

Alex Dot.jpg Alister's magic is focused on the cards he carries. Without them he is powerless.

Alex Dot.jpg Alister gave him self the scar to make him self look tough. This was done after his embrace, he has to re-scar himself every few weeks so it does not heal away.

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Player: Skylar Woodies Membership Number: US2011087886 Location: San Francisco

Skills!: I really enjoy costuming and props: If you have an interesting project that you can't seem to execute exactly as you had hoped, shoot me an email and we can talk it out.

If you are interested in character ties, positive or negative, shoot me an email!

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Seattle, WA
Player: Skylar W.
Storyteller: VST Martin