Allegra SanGiovanni

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Allegra SanGiovanni

Information Known by Kindred Society

Player: Emily Sazima
Character: Allegra Violetta SanGiovanni
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Sangiovanni
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Position: Matrona
Status: Respected in Mount Pleasant, MI
Domain: MI-015-D
VST: [1] Mike Ervin

Le Informazioni di Carattere

Name: Allegra Violetta SanGiovanni

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: Sangiovanni

Covenant: Lancea Sanctum


Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, Doll Face, High Presence, Low Humanity, and gives off the SanGiovanni unnatural-creepy vibe

Title or Positon: Matrona of the SanGiovanni, Keeper of The Book


(OOC only, for those non-family)

Daniah - Great-great-great-mortal-grandmother. Or something.

Le Cose Che Ha Detto...

  • "Allegra, are you busy right now? I thought you were working on your rat experiment." - Duke Woodbridge-Starke
    • Waves her hand dismissively. "No, Your Grace, I am free. The rats are brewing now." - Allegra SanGiovanni

  • Giving advice via text message to a family member who had temporarily regained her humanity: "Slap a human. Any human. Hard."

I Commenti di Amici e Nemici

  • "Oh, I love Auntie Allegra! If anyone was a second mother to me, it was she! We've so much in common, of course we grew close, once I slipped out of my Sire's disapproving gaze and threw in with the rest of our delightful family. Fashion, hobbies, gossip...we shared it all. By Longinus, do I miss her..." - Isidora Sangiovanni
  • "Grandma Allegra is a wack job, same as the rest of the zombie-raising testament-thumping family. And you know what? It doesn't hurt to have some zombie raising sorcerous wack jobs in your corner some times." - Major Stone
  • "It is always nice to visit my children. I do hope that some day I will get to visit them under better circumstances." - Daniah
  • "Matrona Allegra...confuses me some times, but she is family and will always be protected as best as I can." - Michael SanGiovanni

Maldicenze e Menzogne

  • Being undead for so long has taken a toll on Allegra's mind. She's crazy.
    • No, she isn't crazy. She just wants you to think she is.
  • Has an Invictus "gentleman friend" from Ames.
  • She and her childe Augustino had a confrontation back in the early 2000's with Major Stone. Land mines and zombies were involved.
    • Luckily Daniah came in and sorted the issue for her Grandchildren. Now everyone is cordial and polite, if sometimes still cool.
  • Her deepest, darkest secret is that not all of her childer are SanGiovanni. In fact, one is known as Baby or Babbett. Allegra bought her a Nova and collection of Jeggings to silence her. (She had to google "jeggings")
  • She got a few friends, and they all a little crazy - walkin' down the street like a parade; Macy's!

Alleati e Nemici


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Emily Sazima


Mount Pleasant, MI