Allen "AJ" Jones

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Accord PC

Player: John Morris
Creature Type: Mortal
Division: N/A
City: Mt. Pleasant, MI
VST: Kevin Stoner

Accordpng.png Union compact.png

Character Information

Name: Allen "AJ" Jones

"Creature" Type: 100% Mortal

Age: 21 (born November 12, 1992)

Specialties: Investigation, Detective Work, Computers, Hacking, Data Mining, Hitting Things With A Baseball Bat

Accord Status: 3

Union Status: 3


Originally a fulltime college student at Central Michigan University who decided one day that he would not stand by and let criminals and thugs terrorize his town, Allen "AJ" Jones donned a black mask and hooded coat and began patrolling the streets at night, looking for acts of violence and thefts being committed and intervening with his lucky baseball bat. His vigilantism officially came to an end when the police caught on and promptly arrested him.

Despite being court ordered to stop his nightly patrols, he continued them (just a little more discreetly), and it was during one of his illegal investigations that he discovered The Truth. His court-mandated therapist, Dr. Tyler Tamashi, was able to introduce him to The Accord shortly afterward.

AJ recently joined the Hunter compact known as The Union.


Dr. Tyler Tamashi


OOC Information

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Player: John "JM" Morris

MES Number: US2012050029

Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI