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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

A recent photo taken of Ally

=Character Info=


Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Invictus
Bloodline: Csethje (Galloi)


Age: unknown

Notable Traits: Her hair and makeup changes color quicker than his mood. Presence 8. Striking looks 4.

Titles: Miss, Preceptor of House Csetje

Requiem: Courtesan (4)

Masquerade: Artist (4)

Coteries/Societies: Murder City Murder, House Csejthe

AllyKS.pngInfo Known

  • CEO and Owner of Magna Cosmetics.
  • A bit of a loud mouth, but always with purpose.
  • Image Maker and Stylist.


Ally and Chance contemplating their next move.

Mortal Life

  • Born in Paris.
  • Worked in whore houses and dance halls until the age of 15.
  • Worked in several large Opera Houses in France as a make up artist.

The life of a ghoul

  • Ghouled by Bishop Benjamin Carver
  • Traveled across the cradle of life searching for church relics.

Kindred Life: the Early Years

  • Protected French relics and art during World War I and World War II.
  • Fought for the Carthian Movement in several revolts across Europe.

Finding Covenant and Conspiracy

  • Joined the Carthian Movement soon after his release.
  • Joined the Guild of Rhapsodes during the 1920s.
  • Left the Carthian Movement in 2014

'Sightseeing Across the US

  • Worked in Hollywood during the 1950s and 60s
  • Founded Magna Cosmetics.


Bloodline: Galloi
Grand-sire: Unknown
Sire: Penny Lane

  • None Claimed
Known Childer

Mark Ward
Samuel Miles
Jean-Pierre Beauchamp
Nicholas Dawson
Alex Settler
Eva Edelweiss


"Rumors and Gossip keep us young. If you can't take it then you are clearly in the wrong line of work."

  • Her initials really stand for "Ancient Fucker"
  • Was paid a trivial boon to sign his mail "Without Tits" for a month in 2013
  • Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.
  • Has an extensive "coffee table" collection.
  • She bathes in the tears of entitled Invictus in order to maintain that baby soft skin.
    • To be fair, its the tears of any entitled Kidnred... But mostly Invictus.
  • it's Nightmare on Elm Street and guess who's playin' Freddie?
  • Recently purchased a very expensive estate in Saint Clair Shores called Hillcrest Manor

Articles of Interest

Harpy Reports
Alternative Education techniques in the 21st Century
Demons take many shapes


Add your character if Ally doesn't think you are a basic bitch.

  • Chance Kadlec - My better half.
  • Armand Starke - You could say I owe my Requiem to Armand. He convinced me to join the Carthian Movement
  • Rylan Fox - One of my first contacts within the United States. He showed me New York before I moved to California
  • Carmina Argento - Darling girl from Puerto Rico.
  • Obadiah Thorn - I find my self surrounded by Gangrel. Not that its a problem.
  • Nikolai Occam - One of my oldest debate friends.
  • Borys - The most passionate Kindred I know. I cherish his ferver for freedom more than most things in my requiem.
  • Lafayette Bixby - Sometimes you don't need tact. Sometimes you need to be slammed into a brick wall. Lafayette is my brick wall.
  • Randulf de Rouen - One of my favorite. I value my time with him more than most.
  • Darwin Warren - One of my greatest Friends, maybe more.
  • Enzo Russo - He could sell ice to Eskimos. I like that.
  • Anya Vandricht - Darling Girl, really. She runs Magna out of Chicago for me. I couldn't have expanded West if it wasn't for her.
  • Major Stone - A man after my own heart. One of my favorite Gangrel.
  • Ian Carson - If we are friends we can do great things. If we ever become enemies I feel sorry whomever is standing between us.
  • Celeste Chevalier
  • Ysabel Sauveterre
  • Ellis
  • Allegra SanGiovanni
  • Adhiraj Singh


If you find anything Ally says interesting, you may add them here.
"Of all the fatal weaknesses we as Kindred are susceptible to, the most perilous is an inflated sense of ego."
"This may or may not be a trick question."
"You know, they do have a way to find the age of old trees in the United States. Perhaps we should cut you in half and count your rings to validate your importance."
"i look at you and see a mound of clay waiting to be molded. Clay can be lumpy and off center. If you can't guide the clay back onto center, sometimes you have to cut it off at the base and start over from scratch."
"How long have you been his vassal? And already prince? The candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast. Remember that."
"Battle Creek needs Jesus!
" You might as well just bang your head into the keyboard for 45 seconds instead of posting the nonsense you do. Really. Its sad."
"We are Admired because the burden of wisdom and power has been forced upon us by those who have put us where we stand. I have been Admired because I see the good in those around me as well as the bad."


The Ruler by Kraeyshawn
Work by Iggy Azalea
Sheezus by Lily Allen
Life Round Here by James Blake


  • Edna Mode
  • Karen from Will and Grace

AllyOOC.pngOOC Info

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu •••
Conspiracy: Guild of Rhapsodes ••••
City: Detroit, MI ••
Player: Jeremy Moffitt
Storyteller: Alex Meyers

Player: Jeremy Moffitt US2009094796

Location: Detroit, MI

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