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Known to the Camarilla


Camarilla Position: Harpy of Richmond, Virginia
Clan Position: Founder and Prime Speaker of The Fellowship of the Timeless Hand, Dux Cantor of Ex Tenebris
Status: Known to be Acknowledged in the Camarilla, Confirmed, Established and Privileged as an Elder of the sect, Prominent, Noble, and Guardian as Harpy
Titles: Elder, Harpy, Founder, Prime Speaker
Typical Appearance: Grandiose and affable, Alonso is generally found in either outlandish seersucker suits or more comfortable linen ones. Rare is the conversation partner who manages to avoid discussion of his most recent artistic endeavors.


Great Grandsire: Helena
Grandsire: François Villon
Sire: Brisazardo

Selected Works:

Matador bloody weapon.jpg

El Lavador
Standing just over 6 feet tall, this alabaster sculpture portrays a matador in full regalia standing next to a stone wash basin. His right hand is extended, perched atop a bloody sword set tip-down. With his left hand, he is pouring water from a ewer into the stone basin. Four blood-soaked baderilleros have been placed carefully on the basin, ready to be cleansed. His face is cast downward, a gaping wound on his right cheek gently pumping blood down to his neck. A victory rose is clenched between his teeth.

They That Sow in Tears Shall Reap in Joy
4 Chihuly-style glass urns, each filled nearly to the brim with clear liquid, a delicate wooden spoon floating on top of each. They are set on pedestals about 10 feet apart in a square pattern. From under each urn, a recording is playing that corresponds to the nature of the liquid in each urn. The recording is only audible within 5 feet of the urn.
Contents of the urns: Each urn is filled with tears. One urn is filled with tears of joy/laughter and the soundtrack is a mixed recording of the tear donors. The second urn is filled with tears of anger with a corresponding recording. The third urn is filled with tears of sadness and its recording. The final urn is filled with tears of relief and its recording. Interaction: Viewers are invited to dip the spoon into the urn and have a small taste of the tears while listening to the recording.

Black sails.jpg

For vengeance is mine alone, sayeth the Lord, and I will alone will repay
An alabaster basin sculpted in the style of the Alhambra stands partially filled with water. At the center of the basin, an intricate white marble sculpture (pictured) is either rising out of or sinking into the water, depending on the perspective of the viewer. The focal figure of the sculpture is the iconic representation of a caped Toreador.

Known Allies and Associates

Byron Lancaster Adrienne Maxwell Clarence Charles Merrick Franziskus Winter
Michael Cayhill Alexander Konrad Selene de Lorraine


1495 AD - Granada, Spain - As the last of the Moors and Jews are expelled from Spain and the Spanish Renaissance gets into full swing, Alonso Gutierrez is born. He attends Christian schools and is trained in illuminated manuscripts, painting and sculpture. He took strikingly well to sculpture, particularly with large scale works.
1516 AD - Granada, Spain - Alonso gains a mysterious patron for several of his sculptures. He eventually learns that this patron is Brisazardo, who has noticed his talent for installation pieces. After delivering the pieces to the patron, he establishes a relationship with the foppish gentleman.
1526 AD - Granada, Spain - Alonso is suddenly and somewhat violently embraced by Brisazardo after he returns from a trip to Germany. It eventually becomes obvious that he had visited with Andreas, another childe of his, and was furious that Andreas had forsaken him for a new childe Franziskus Winter.
1526 AD - 1850 AD - Various points in Spain with some visits to northern Italy. Took no court positions, but was a loyal member of the Camarilla and occasionally visited court. Continued to create large installation pieces by commission. This timeframe open for ties with other players to be added later.
1850 AD - Becomes enamored with the idea of the United States, now that it has become more "civilized" and decides to relocate to the new world. Spends time briefly in New York City, trying to determine which American city to make his home.
1866 AD - Moves to Richmond, Virginia after the war, as the city opens itself to Reconstruction. One of Alonso's first tasks in Richmond is to create a large sculpture on Monument Avenue called "And He Hath Brought Justice." It was a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln shown welcoming slaves and southerners both into his arms. Within 5 years, it had been destroyed by an angry mob in anti-northern riots.

Jefferson Exterior.jpg


  • "Heavy is the heart of this amazing artist, that he would have to suffer those that look intelligently on his work." - Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "He is unquestionably the most versatile artist I have ever encountered. Truly I can think of no greater praise for him that he has not already heaped upon himself." - Franziskus Winter
  • "If you want to start a physical fight, you generally need to make sure Alonso is not in the room." -Michael Cayhill
  • "Now, there was an actual duel taking place aboard Mihail’s yacht. It was a duel of classic Southern sophistication, though I never saw either of them throw down gloves. But you, those of you in attendance, get to decide who actually received satisfaction: Alonso Gutierrez, the Toreador Primogen of Richmond, Virginia, or Wayland Winslow
  • " Member of the Tremere’s Glass Pyramid and inhabitant of Seattle? But what was this duel about? It was a duel of fashion: who wore the seersucker suit best." - June, Harpy of Los Angeles
  • "Sic oculus, sic ille manus, sic ora ferebat." Selene de Lorraine
  • "I quickly realized that Mr. Gutierrez was my primary competition in Richmond, and did my best to make him an ally." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "In the time I have known Alonso, i don't think I've ever left a conversation with him and not felt excited about what endeavor he has planned." - Spencer
  • "I felt a bit like Cinderella in his presence. One moment a delight, and then next moment, circumstances pulled us apart abruptly. I hope to engage in further conversations in the future." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I did not speak with him for long, unfortunately. He seemed a charming and interesting fellow, and I am glad to have met him." - Amber Tsigane
  • "Elder Gutierrez always brings a smile to my face and a thrill to my heart. Granted, much of that is due to his keen understanding of the utility of a certain ancient phrase: 'Oh, bless her heart.'" - Orenna Komnenos
  • "For centuries I have enjoyed the company of Alonso; he is an honorable Kindred of refined tastes and impeccable character. I am proud to call him a dear friend. He is a pillar of the Ivory Tower, and I shall support him through the end of times. '" - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek
  • "The eye of the storm." - Reginald Puddle
1947 Lincoln Ragtop.jpg


  • Alonso has given up his primary art form of large installation sculptures after a horrible experience in Richmond immediately after the Civil War.
  • Alonso is the owner of the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond and never sleeps in the same room twice in a year.
  • Alonso enjoys slumming and often takes in lower art forms, which is why the Toreador control Manchester feeding grounds in Richmond.
  • Alonso once had an affair with a Nosferatu.
  • Alonso was nominated to serve as clan head in 2014, requiring him to answer quite a few questions from the Council of Petals.

OOC Information

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Richmond, VA
Player: Adam Warman
Storyteller: Brennan Maynard-VST

Player: Adam Warman
Camarilla Number: US2002022774 Domain: Richmond, VA (VA-013-D)

Character Inspirations
Jim Williams from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock

Kat Williams skit from