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Awakening PC

Player: Daniel Walker
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil •••
Legacy: Reality Stalkers
Consilium: Consilium of Alexandria
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: The Hub
VST: Charles Lloyd

Sleeper alias(es): Jude Barker (New Identity 4)

Notable Merits: Familiar 3 (pain spirit named Sting-in-the-eyes), Status: Hackers 1, Sworn Officer 2

Archetype Achievements: Hacker

Little boy blue

Blow on your horn

The wolf tears at sheepflesh

The crow eats the corn.

The farmer is sleeping

and will not awake

Dreaming of dinner

and blood-jelly cake.

Little boy blue

Put down your horn

Leave the dead farmer

and take up the sword.

- Guardians of the Veil sourcebook

"They’ll come at you sideways. It’s how they think. It’s how they move. Sidle up and smile. Hit you where you’re weak."

- Shepherd Book


Simon Evans grew up in Sausalito, CA as the only child of two well-off parents. At an early age he showed a natural aptitude for computers and so after high school he attended UC Berkeley with a focus on computer science.

In 2002, Simon was up late working on the code for his senior project. As he stared at his screen hopped up on energy drinks he was amazed as strange code began to flood his vision. Instead of rubbing his eyes or going for a walk to get rid of the obvious hallucination he continued to type and attempt to incorporate the foreign code into his program. The situation became even stranger as the code started to form into words which he instinctively knew were the deep-seated unconscious desires and fears of people all over the world. The darkest recesses of men’s souls were placed literally at his fingertips. Some men would have used the opportunity to ransack his fellow man’s secrets for his own gain. However, Simon sensed that a deeper reality was hiding just behind the code. He quickly ran an unconventional data mining algorithm. However, as he typed the characters became lost in the sea of data. He punched out the algorithm a second time but again it was absorbed into the chaos. Desperate now, he attempted his algorithm one last time, willing, commanding, his text to stand out amidst the flood of code. This time the code seemed to part in front of him and a large tower drawn in ASCII appeared on his screen. In the midst of the tower a green command prompt blinked at him. Somehow he knew exactly what to type: S I M O N E V A N S. The next moment he awoke in his bed.

Next to his awakening the most important event in Simon’s life came a few weeks later. Graduation was approaching and he was trying to focus on filling out job applications. However, he found it impossible to motivate himself. After opening his mind up to the secrets of the universe he couldn’t fathom a monotonous life behind a desk. Everything in his life from days at the beach to tedious and ritualistic conversations with his parents seemed meaningless. He finally realized what he needed was a clean slate. He withdrew as much money as he could from the bank, got rid of his cell phone and credit card, and boarded the first flight he could out of San Francisco International Airport. The last thing he suspected when he landed at DFW airport was a woman named Yinaki waiting for him at the terminal. She took him in and gave him a home among the Guardians.


Tom Keen from The Blacklist

Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity


He glows with a green light similar to what you'd see on an old computer screen. If you look very closely you can see faint computer code radiating from him.




  • "Good guy, that Alopex. There is a reason I tasked him with helping our captured brothers regain their mind." - Maester
  • "Alopex is a marvelous asset, there isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful I have recruited him... I just need to find a way to let him know that he is doing my bidding." - Maester
  • "It's nothing personal. I don't trust anyone." - Alopex
  • "I sometimes imagine that I am a worthy successor to Yinaki. However, my failures keep bringing me back to the same truth: I have no idea what I'm doing." - Alopex
  • "I've thought a lot these past few months of what I would do you, whether I would skin you alive or turn your brain into mush. But what I've come to realize is that walking the Path of Scourging means doing what is right regardless of what you want. Mage Bonez, I am placing you under arrest and delivering you over to the justice of the Council." - Alopex, to the Seer who killed his girlfriend