Alph Ivanoff

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Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Storm Lords
Renown: ••••• ••••• •
Glory: ••
Honor: ••••
Purity •••••
Wisdom •••
City: Fairbanks, AK
Pack: Ruin Watchers
Player: Tyler Brooks
Storyteller: Jeff Waldron

Full Name: Alphonse Victor “Alph” Ivanoff

Uratha Name: “Albatross”

Pack: Ruin Watchers (α)

Auspice: Rahu Hudhesdu (Tactician)

Tribe: Storm Lords

Lodge: Lodge of Winter

Coalition: Lunar Consulate

Regional Council: The Vigilant and Filial Order of Artemisians

Uragarum Family Line: Ivanoff

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Russian, Aleut, Norwegian, Greek, Japanese….? He’s a Mutt.

Native Language: English

DOB: July, 4 1970 ()

First Change: October, 6 1999

What’s Known by the People

Alph is a veteran of the Brethren Wars and distinguished himself several times in battle with the Anshega, all while displaying considerable self control in his actions towards them. He has no immediate family but has a large extended family of cousins, aunties and uncles. His Uratha lines of initiation tie him to mostly blood relatives, but it’s rumored he traveled across the Bering Strait to Siberia to seek his initiation as a Winter Lord. His name among the Uratha: “Albatross” is said to relate to the circumstance around his First Change, though several air drops into battle during the Brethren Wars have added to its mystique as well.

Alph still continues to balance a career in the mortal world with his Uratha life. He holds a major stake in Perun, Ltd. a fish processing and ocean freight company based in Western Alaska with various sites throughout Western North America. Because of this Alph has been a steadfast member of the Lunar Consulate since the Brethren Wars, being a advocate for the Coalition when many other American Uratha rejected it and the similar alliances that came to the Americas since the Hong Kong Ungin.

Recently Alph was instrumental in leading the local Uratha to defeating several powerful hostile spirits in Interior Alaska including a maelitinet. The Ralunim have seen fit to brand him for a fifth time for his actions.


Alph is broad shouldered and barrel chested, approximately 250 lbs.. He has the trademark stony-grey eyes of the Ivanoffs and has high cheekbones hinting to his mixed heritage. His once coal black hair has gone prematurely grey and his hairline is receding. His skin is red and chapped from years on the ocean and his hands are meaty calloused paddles from decades of hard work and martial arts training. Even since moving into more of a management role in his work life, Alph tends to dress in sturdy utilitarian garb. He often smokes a corncob pipe, a habit he developed during his time as a fishing captain.


Alph is reserved and soft spoken. He tends to let others make the first move and be reactive. Since his first change he is cautious and deliberate, believing that his own destructive capability must be kept in check through constant discipline. However once his patience has reached an end and his mind is set to something Alph is relentless and ruthless, systematically disassembling each problem starting from its weakest point. Alph is a loyal friend and packmate, however he still suffers from the Ivanoff’s endemic pig-headed streak. If not approached from a stance of mutual respect he will stonewall people and act as if they hadn’t said anything to him.


  • Alph killed his own wife and children during his first change.
  • He refuses to wear Gauru form because he fears the lack of control it represents.

OOC information

Player Name: Tyler Brooks

Location: Fairbanks, AK

Other Info: